Course Objectives

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Course Objectives

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Let me tell you about the objectives of the training and what it is that we’re going to be covering.

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User Experience (UX): The Ultimate Guide to Usability and UX

Get a job in UX and build your user research and UX design skills with this hands-on user experience training course.

10:11:44 of on-demand video • Updated July 2023

Bake UX into your workflow by following a proven, user centred design framework.
Plan field visits and user interviews to uncover user needs.
Moderate a usability test and prioritise the observations.
Create personas, user stories, red routes and user journey maps.
Uncover and describe users’ mental models.
Choose appropriate schemes for classifying and organising information.
Design and conduct online and offline card sorting sessions.
Select appropriate user interface design patterns.
Develop cheap, throwaway prototypes to get quick and frequent feedback from your users.
Create user interface designs that exploit universal principles of visual design.
Design usability tests to measure time on task, success rate and user satisfaction.
Evaluate the usability of systems by applying usability heuristics.
Prepare for the BCS Foundation Certificate in User Experience.