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Unreal Engine is the platform that drives many of the most popular video games today, from first person battles to fantasy role playing games. Unreal Engine uses a visual scripting system that makes the platform simple to use and easy to learn. Whether you are a hobbyist, just beginning, or a seasoned game designer, Unreal Engine classes on Udemy can get your game building skills to the next level.

Frequently asked questions
Unreal Engine is a C++ video game engine based on the Unreal Tournament game series. Game developers use game engines like Unreal to take some of the “grunt work” out of developing a video game. For example, a game engine might have already established tools that allow you to do things like control the lighting and physics in a game, create models, and more. This saves the game developer a lot of time, allowing them to focus more on things like the graphics and the storyline rather than details like how the lighting behaves in your game. As far as game engines go, Unreal is an incredibly robust one that offers a wide range of tools “out of the box.” Its expansive features make it great for developing large-scale games while also staying approachable for beginners. If you do find yourself stumped figuring out how to take advantage of those tools, though, Udemy has detailed courses that walk you through building your very first video game.