UE4 GameMode Overview

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GameMode Overview

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Unreal Engine 4 - Learn to Make a Game Prototype in UE4

A complete guide that takes you through every step of building a professional and polished SHMUP game using UE4.

15:41:51 of on-demand video • Updated February 2022

Gain an understanding of Unreal Engine.
Learn simple - intermediate uses of Blueprints.
Develop an understanding for some preferred game development pipelines.
Build a polished prototype to flesh out into a full game.
Learn to navigate UE4 interface with hands on experience.
An introduction to particle systems.
Applying Audio to a game.
Creating your own Game Mode to manage the game logic.
Programming a player controlled character.
programming different enemies and projectile types.
Programming a simple boss.
A dynamic wave spawning system.
The use of inheritance to help streamline development.
Simple art concepts.
Importing content into the game from various sources.
Learn to use source control.
Implement a save / load system.