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React Native is a powerful development tool that enables programmers to write applications for multiple platforms at once. Using JavaScript, React Native eliminates the need to code separately for iOS and Android. With features such as hot reloading included, React Native has become very popular among efficiency minded developers. Udemy offers numerous React Native courses to familiarize you with this powerful development platform.

Frequently asked questions
Created by Facebook, React Native is an open-source-based mobile application framework that uses only JavaScript, making it capable of supporting both Android and iOS platforms. React, also known as React.js, saves time and effort for developers since they only need one programming language. The Native element allows developers to create JavaScript components to design software programs that run on various devices and platforms, such as smartphones, smart TVs, and laptops. With React Native, developers use the same concepts used in the original React framework to design a rich mobile user interface (UI) for various environments from existing components.