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Measuring the effectiveness of your marketing and sales efforts is imperative to making an informed business plan. Regardless of how you choose to apply Google Analytics, Udemy features top-rated courses to help you achieve your goals.

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Google Analytics is a set of tools for helping businesses interpret customer data. Google Analytics provides users with a platform for monitoring interaction with ad campaigns, as well as mobile and web applications. This helps Google Analytics subscribers make more informed business decisions in the future.

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Google Analytics allows users to collect, measure, and analyze website data. Used by more than 50 million websites, this powerful tool delivers a rich treasure trove for marketers to better understand the performance of their channels and websites to make data-driven recommendations. For example, it can share tons of insights into website traffic, how website users navigate and interact with a site, what pages they visit, and how they leave the site. Through Google Analytics, users can track every single page's activity on their website. All data gets aggregated based on four levels: by the user, by session, by page view, and by event (button clicks, ad views, etc.). It also tracks two categories of data—user acquisition (user data before visiting your site) and user behavior (user data while on your website).