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Prepare for the Google Analytics certification exam with Google Analytics training on Udemy. This powerful suite of analytics tools helps businesses monitor a multitude of user activities, like visitor sales, traffic volume, and time spent on a page. A Google Analytics course on Udemy provides instruction on various Google Analytics uses, from reading analytic reports to interpreting results and much more.

Frequently asked questions
Google Analytics allows users to collect, measure, and analyze website data. Used by more than 50 million websites, this powerful tool delivers a rich treasure trove for marketers to better understand the performance of their channels and websites to make data-driven recommendations. For example, it can share tons of insights into website traffic, how website users navigate and interact with a site, what pages they visit, and how they leave the site. Through Google Analytics, users can track every single page's activity on their website. All data gets aggregated based on four levels: by the user, by session, by page view, and by event (button clicks, ad views, etc.). It also tracks two categories of data—user acquisition (user data before visiting your site) and user behavior (user data while on your website).