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Whether you’re a researching data scientist, or a professional business analyst, Tableau helps you get your job done better. Udemy features top-rated Tableau courses that walk you through every every level of this data visualization software.

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Data without context can fall flat. In order to effectively communicate the meaning of large data sets and their impact on a business plan, you need software like Tableau. Tableau analyzes structured data in order to render interactive graphs and reports that strengthen your business analysis strategy.

Frequently asked questions
Tableau is an analysis software that is useful for Business Intelligence. You can rapidly create visualizations (also known as “vizzes”) by dragging your data fields into shelves and panes. From there, you can develop dashboards and stories to bring your analyses to life. The free version, Tableau Public, has full analytical functionality, including uploading vizzes to the Internet. However, you cannot save your files on your local or network drives. Because your published files are available to everyone, the free version is not suitable for analyses that contain sensitive or personal data. To save your files locally, you need to subscribe to Tableau Creator. It includes a suite of Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep Builder, and a license to either Tableau Server or Tableau Online, which allow collaboration in a secure environment.