Getting started (downloading Tableau!)

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Getting started (downloading Tableau!)

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Here I will show you how to download the software, and discuss the differences between Tableau Public and Tableau Desktop. Feel free to skip ahead to the analysis sections if you already have the software downloaded!

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And welcome to the course so the first thing I want to show you guys is just where to actually download the software in case you want to take a look at it as I'm going through it on there's two versions of the software that you can download. So the one that I'll be using is called Tebow public and this is a free software and it's free to use as much as you want 24/7. And then there's also a tablet desktop which offers some more capabilities if you want to get into the database side and really link to some files on a hard drive and have more of that cut capability than a desktop is what you'd want to use. They do offer you a free trial though. I believe it's a two week trial so a suggestion would be maybe start off with public. Feel it out see how it goes for you and if you find that you're looking for additional capabilities you could give Tabeau dustup a try. So as I said showing you how to download it. It's pretty simple. Google Tablo here on just open up the tab a public tab and I hear that just give you a spot and you email and then you just hit this button here to download. So after downloading it it will prompt you to create an account and then you can always sign in and access your files through here. So I'll go ahead and sign and quickly and just show you guys kind of what the profile interface looks like. That says you can see here on the Tablo authors the your views and your posts and you can always open on as long as you're connected to the Internet. You can open up your old posts and play around with the data and it's nice. I'll save all these workbooks in cloud storage for you. So that's how you download it and move on and will grab us and dad and get started with the visualisations.