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Join over half a million learners who have prepared for their certification with CompTIA Network+ training on Udemy. Whether you are interested in studying for specific exam sections, like firewalls, or looking to take a comprehensive prep course to get you ready for every area of the exam, there is a CompTIA Network+ course for you.

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CompTIA Network+ courses can help you boost your computer networking credentials. The CompTIA Network+ certification verifies that you are proficient at designing, configuring, managing, and troubleshooting a variety of network configurations and can give you added credibility with prospective employers. Udemy offers training that can prepare you for every level of the CompTIA Network+ exam.

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The CompTIA Network+ is a technical certification that deals with wired and wireless networks. Sponsored by the Computing Technology Industry Association, both entry- and mid-level IT professionals can take the test to certify their skills in the field. Certification recipients have proven their ability to support and configure TCP/IP clients. Topics covered include network design, hardware setup, cabling, configuration, installation support, and troubleshooting. The Network+ exam contains traditional, situational, and identification questions. This test is open to anyone, but it best suits those who have had at least nine months of on-the-job experience. The certification is currently valid for three years before you have to re-take it. Applicants who took the exam before 2011 keep the certification for life.