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Unleash your creativity by turning your iPad into a powerful digital art studio. Take a Procreate course from our broad range of real-world experts, and learn the fundamentals of this popular iPad app. You’ll be introduced to the basics — and beyond — of how to use Procreate’s intuitive tools to sketch, draw, shade, color and animate. Improve your skills through hands-on exercises and simple, easy-to-follow lessons.

Frequently asked questions
Procreate is an iPad-exclusive mobile application for creating digital illustrations, which you can purchase on the Apple Store. With the Procreate app, artists can digitally sketch and paint using the Apple Pencil and their fingers to create strokes, effects, and textures. Artists can export their digital illustrations from Procreate in any file format they need for their digital and print projects. Procreate’s tools are known for being user-friendly, making it easy to create, save, and organize your digital designs in your own Procreate library. Because the app is designed for mobile, it’s easy to use on-the-go — all it requires is an iPad and Apple Pencil.