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Every internet-connected person is affected by issues pertaining to cybersecurity. As a result, cybersecurity professionals are increasingly in-demand. That’s why Udemy offers top-rated CompTIA Security+ exam prep courses to help you prepare for the job market.

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The CompTIA Security+ certification is an excellent baseline qualification for any IT professional working specifically in network security. CompTIA Security+ challenges students with hands-on cybersecurity problems that mirror real-world problems they will encounter in the workplace.

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Certifications tell hiring managers that potential hires have the necessary skills to perform specific tasks and can save time spent on training. Specifically speaking, the CompTIA Security+ says that a candidate understands basic cybersecurity concepts and can perform cybersecurity tasks. When you are new to the field, this certificate proves you have this knowledge when you have little experience. The CompTIA Security+ certification ranks high on Global Knowledge's list of top-paying certifications because it is a vendor-neutral certification that will help you get many well-paying, entry-level jobs. Once you have a few years of experience working in IT security, it will count for more than the certification.