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If your job involves designing vector graphics, typefaces, or layouts, Adobe Illustrator can be an invaluable tool. One of the best design softwares available, Illustrator works seamlessly as a companion to Adobe Photoshop, and allows you to take your design ideas from infancy to realization.

Frequently asked questions
Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based application for artists, illustrators, and graphic design professionals. It offers features such as layer integration, curve drawing, and font and color selection tools. Graphic designers primarily use Illustrator for logos, icons, and complex drawings. They may also use it to create fonts, charts, infographics, and banners. One key benefit of Illustrator is its scalability feature, which ensures whatever you create will fit your end-product specifications. This makes it ideal for presentations, websites, and print production. Another benefit of Illustrator is its tracking features, which allow you to maintain versions of your work in the cloud. Illustrator also works with productivity apps such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.