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Angular is a powerful platform that allows you to build web applications. It includes a component based framework for making applications scalable and a library collection with a wide range of development features. A suite of developer tools gives you the ability to manage your application at every stage of development, from conception to testing. Udemy offers a range of Angular courses to teach the basics or enhance your skill level.

Frequently asked questions
Angular is an open-source, client-side framework for building single-page websites and desktop and mobile applications. It is a full-featured JavaScript application built on TypeScript, which operates across platforms and keeps code clean and consistent throughout the codebase. Angular is an all-in-one rapid application development platform that allows web pages to render efficiently by minimizing communication with servers. The Angular framework offers end-to-end tooling or routing, state management, and form validation, as well as dependency injection and declarative templates. Angular offers out-of-the-box functionality and easy updating, along with an extensive collection of pre-made components. The TypeScript base includes high-quality code that reduces the burden of debugging and allows multiple developers to collaborate across platforms with minimal disruption and less coding.