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Due to its open-source nature, working with the Android platform necessitates constantly learning about the Android platform. Udemy’s Android development courses keep you ahead of this learning curve, with courses on Android operating systems and more.

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The Android platform is increasingly popular with developers, and a dominant force in the global smartphone market. As more businesses develop mobile apps for customer engagement, Android development skills are likely to stay in high demand.

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Android development is a software creation process that focuses on applications, better known as apps, that are compatible with devices running the Android operating system (OS). Because Android is an open-source project, developers have easy access to the Android software development kit (SDK). Many use this kit in conjunction with Kotlin, Java, and C++ programming languages to make their apps. The Android SDK tools compile your code along with any data and resource files into an APK, or Android package, which is an archive file that uses an .apk suffix. One APK file contains all Android app contents used by devices to install your app. When the app is complete and ready for release, Android developers can upload their apps to the Google Play Store for users to download.