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Learning Node.js is a great way to get into backend web development, or expand your fullstack development practice. With Udemy’s hands-on Node.js courses, you can learn the concepts and applications of this wildly useful JavaScript runtime.

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Node.js is essential to developing real-time applications in JavaScript, and has been instrumental in the development of websites like eBay and PayPal. Node is designed around an event loop, which allows for easy management of asynchronous functions. This makes it a popular environment for modern developers working on chat and gaming apps.

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Node.Js is a server environment built for fast and easily scalable network applications. It was built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime and uses an event-driven, non-blocking model that makes it the best fit for applications that run on distributed devices and need to run in real-time. By using JavaScript, node.Js can be put to work by many software developers familiar with JavaScript. Because the code is open-source, you can also use it on any platform (Mac OS, Windows, or Linux). Node.js is the architecture for creating websites and real-time applications because it’s easy for teams to learn, and it’s fast. Examples of applications that use node.Js include video conferencing apps, chat servers, eCommerce software, and collaborative online gaming.