Downloading and installing Tableau...for free

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Downloading and installing Tableau...for free

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Tableau Data Analyst/Specialist Desktop Certification

From beginners to skills needed for Data Analyst or Desktop Specialist certifications. Tableau 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020

14:41:20 of on-demand video • Updated June 2024

Download for free and install and run the full version of Tableau Public, the BI and analysis software.
Be able to create analyses, such as line charts, stacked bar charts, or geographic analyses using maps.
You will also be able to show an overview using dashboards, and tell a story using storyboards.
You will be able to format numbers and dates, and add labels, tooltips and animation.
You can also become used to more advanced features, such as Calculated Fields, Parameters and Hierarchies.
By the end of the course, you will, with some experience, have the knowledge to take (and pass) the Tableau Qualified Associate certification.
Instructor: In this video, we're going to instal Tableau on your computer. But what version of Tableau are we using? So if I go to products, you can see that there are a lot of products including Tableau Desktop. But unfortunately if I go to pricing, you'll see that Tableau Desktop is one of Tableau's paid for items at $70. It includes Tableau Desktop, Tableau, Prep Builder and Tableau Cloud. And we'll be looking at all three of these items later on in this course. However, this is not the version of Tableau that we'll be installing for the majority of this course. Instead, we're going to be using their three offering which is called Tableau Public. So the advantage of this is it's completely free and includes most of the functionality that is in Tableau Desktop. Certainly most of the core functionality. You won't be able to add data from databases, for instance but we're going to be using spreadsheets to import our data. Another big restriction is that you can only save on the Tableau Public website. In other words, anything that you save will be public. So it's not suitable if you have got private data. So while you may need to use Tableau Desktop in your organisation, for this course, because all of our data is public, we're going to use Tableau Public. So while you may wish to download and instal Tableau Desktop and everything that we do in Tableau Public you'll be able to use on Tableau Desktop is not required in this particular course. Incidentally, if you are a student at an accredited academic institution, you can get Tableau Desktop for free if you search for Tableau Student licence. So let's now download Tableau Public. So I go to Products, Tableau Public, click on, "Go to Tableau Public." So don't click on, "Try Now," that will download the paid for versions but you could get a free trial if you wished. And then go up to create and download Tableau Desktop Public edition, and then click on Download Tableau Public. So you'll need to fill in your user identification. (keyboard clacks) (mouse clicks) And then click download the app. And you can see that in my version it's stopping a pop-up. So I need to click on, "Pop-ups blocked" and click, "Always Allow Popups" and click, "Done." And if your download doesn't begin automatically then just click on the relevant link. So I'm going to click on Windows. So here you can see it's going to download. It's around 500 megabytes. So I'm going to pause the video and let it download. Well, that took a couple of minutes. So now I'm going to open Tableau Public Desktop. You may have your antivirus just checking to see if it's an appropriate file. So you can see here Tableau Public and then the year and the version number. Now, don't worry you will be downloading no doubt, a later version but the user interface hasn't changed that much in years. So have a read of the licence terms. There's nothing too controversial in them but I'll still have a read. Have a read of the privacy policy. If you need to customise things such as where it instals then click on, "Customise." And then when everything is set up correctly just click on, "Instal." So a dialogue has come up saying, "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?" I'm saying yes. And you can see it is a very quick installation. It literally just took a few seconds to instal. So here is the initial Tableau interface and if you want to change the language then go to help choose language and you can choose a different language. This will change all of the menus and so forth. So now that we've installed Tableau Public in the next video, we'll start to use Tableau and create our first visualisation.