What is the Best Camera for YouTube?

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What is the Best Camera for YouTube?

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Find the best camera for YouTube on any budget! Learn which cameras are the best for recording videos.

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It today we're answering the age old question What is the best camera for YouTube. All right I'm going to try to tackle this question today in this video what is the best camera for you to. I have a handful of cameras and I've broken down into three little categories that I must share with you about what the best camera is for you so you can decide what camera to get for your YouTube videos. And the criteria for this is the baseline. All these cameras that I recommend are going to be able to show you the HD video so that is kind of the baseline minimum that you want nowadays. You want to be able to shew voice and AP So that's that's basically it. Also you're going to want a tripod to keep your camera on keep it stabilized. Every item that I mentioned in this video today went to the block of my web site Wrekin. Check out all this equipment that we're about to talk about. Now let's get right into these cameras. OK. The first category is the low budget to no cost camera so if you don't want to spend money on a camera then you're most likely going to have to use something like this which is a smartphone. OK. So almost everybody these days has a smartphone and if you've gotten a smartphone within the past couple of years then it most likely will be able to show you full HD video. So if you do have a smartphone or an iPod touch or something like that you will be able to shoot voice the videos for YouTube. Almost everyone has one. So you don't have to go and spend money you just use what you've got. It's portable and it's easy to use. Some of the cons of using a smartphone the audio is a bit lackluster. Can't see yourself. And it uses your battery on your phone and your store space on your phone as well. So if you're short on like battery or storage space then that be kind of a drawback to that. But they are easy to use. They're portable. And almost everybody has one so if you don't want to go out and buy a camera then you can start off with your smartphone. And there are some cool video apps that you can get on your smartphone so just Stew-Mac MacPro for the iPhone that will help you customize the video to your liking which makes it a better looking video with your smartphone so you can shoot really good looking videos with your smartphone. And if you want to put your iPhone on a tripod or something like that I have this little thing called the Square jellyfish. Mount it pretty much holds any smartphone in it. You just snap your iPhone or smartphone right in there and you can put it on as far as I'm to try on you can have your iPhone smartphone stabilized and take a video. So that is something you probably want to give when users Marven. Now moving on to the next set of cameras that you've got about 250 or 350 in a bank account where you can spin a new camera. Then I do recommend the set of cameras which is the Canon power shot 300 h s. I believe it's called the GoPro or the canon big c h f r 500. OK these are within the 250 to $400 price range and they take really great quality videos. Now the pros to these cameras are they are extremely great quality for the price. They are small and they are definitely easy to use. Some of the cons with these cameras are again the audios are lacking compared to high quality cameras and the shot you kill the customize the shot as much as you could with other other cameras such as the SLR. So once you get that that shot then you can't really customize it as far as with the camera but these cameras are great for bloggers or people on tight budgets who don't want to want to spend the money. A lot of money and a higher quality camera yet great for beginners and just great to get that HD footage that you want that you really need for YouTube these days. So if you want that nice quality on a dedicated camera without breaking the bank these cameras are a great choice. And the third and final category of cameras are the DSL cars and the higher quality expensive cameras the mirrorless the micro Four Thirds the cinema cameras all of those cameras that are $500 and above price range. These other cameras that you're probably going to eventually end up on once you have a higher budget more more money to spend on the camera and you want to learn DSL or video and you'll be able to customize your shots more. You'll get the best quality possible you'll have interchangeable lenses for these cameras and you'll definitely have professional quality videos with these cameras. These cameras are on the expensive side. There are anywhere from $500 to thousands of dollars but you can get a great high quality DSL Laar such as the Kennedy 3i for just about $500. With the kit lens and you'll be ready to go shooting with DSL or video. Now there is a learning curve to these if you never mess around a DSL or it takes a little while to learn about the settings. But once you get the hang of it when you start practicing with it it really is not that complicated and you can even jump up to the Forte quality video such as what I'm using right now on the Panasonic VH for for less than $2000. And it really is becoming affordable for these awesome cameras. It's really amazing. So if you really want the best quality video and you have the budget for it to go and get a SLR. So what you need to do right now is to just figure out what your budget is and then just see where you can go from there what your end goal with the video quality is. And then you can always upgrade in the future too. You know you can start a Exactly what I did to start off at the bottom and then work your way to that. So and it might take you a little while but don't worry. You know all these cameras like this said all these cameras you for HD to TV video. And that's really all you need. Now having said that it is highly recommended that you invest in some audio gear as well with your camera and so you can get a great sounding audio and not just great looking video because audio is half of the video. So with your DSL are you think about getting a shotgun mike such as the road video Mike pro or if you're using an external recorder you can use something like the zoom H-1 recorder paired with a lot Mike a lot of these are very affordable options that you can get high quality audio from. And if you are wondering this video was shot with the Panasonic G.H. for with a cheap Canon adapter along with the Canon FS 18 to 50 by millimeter lens with the road video Mike pro So just to give you an idea of what kind of ball he shot it is that's what I'm using. So I hope this was helpful in your journey and endeavors to finding your perfect camera. But keep in mind it's not all about the video quality just the most important thing is you just get started recording your videos. You know work with what you got. If you can't go out mine just work what you've got. But if you can it is really really high recommended to get the best cloy possible for your within your budget range.