High Availability Vs Fault Tolerance: Zero Down Time

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High Availability Vs Fault Tolerance: Zero Down Time

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Hello again. So after enabling the fault lines in this virtual machine and you see that it's still walk without any problem. No, we need to know where is it, the second virtual machine that we created drove the fall to the last. Have you checked this one exists into I and we don't see any second delay but your machine right here, and that's logically the very virtual machine, we're not going to show up right here because it is already exists as a primary virtual machine. So how we see the Segunda Virtual Machine, we go through the ethics I want in the situation. I want half the Windows XP. Number four, we go to the ethics. I want an individual machine. We check right there. We see that this virtual machine, Windows XP, for its primary. This is the virtual machine that we use right now. If you click on it, it will take us to do virtual machine. And this is as our primary. So the secondary virtual machine that we configure when we enable the full turns is in the eye, too. So we go to the ethics I do. And here we see that we have another virtual machine exists between before signal that this is the second virtual machine of the primary one. So if we click on it to check the option of this one, it will take us to the same virtual machine. So, no, it's the same virtual machine exists in the House, running in the ethics I want and in the ethics I do at the same time. Also, we try to check the datastore, for example, this one. The line number two, if you remember, creates the virtual machine before into Lunenburg head, is it so it exists in the lunch number two. And if we check lunch number one, we see that we have we expect number four is exists in double line, the hard drive and the data exists in this one. And the same exists in the number two. Let's meet in a situation that we have of Rafael in London. Hey, keep connected to the land. No talk without any problem. How does it double and do vindictive fight exists in this one. So the same in London. So we have a new a high probability of the virtual machine that exists in two it if something wrong happened to one of the stores. We have another one of the most interesting stores and also exists in I host if something wrong happened, I want it keep working from is number two. So this virtual machine running into it. I have no one in the environment. It's running right now and it is costing them one because this is the primary one that we work on these. So we're going to try to make this virtual machine out of service and see what will happen to the virtual machine, like what we did in the height of ability when we have power of a house that have a virtual machine. We see that the virtual machine disconnects you. Then it's rebooted again. But no, as we want to have zero downtime, let's check the fall to what we are going to do. So for that, we're going to use the ping to check the availability of the virtual machine, Windows XP number four. So you see, this is the IP address of this virtual machine. So we're going to send a ping to this IP one 15 and will make it ultimately to check the availability of this virtual machine. So you see it is available right now. So if we check the Windows XP number four here is it? It's worked perfectly. Let's try to make some editing. This is a test of fall to Trillanes. Mike, that that's mean this virtual machine is walk without any problem and exist I want and we. See if something wrong happened to the ethics I want, what will happen to this virtual machine, so I will go and try to power of the ethics, I want to create our problem right here. So this is the I want I try to. Power of. Of course, it will take a little time to the power of. And we check that the virtual machines are still available without any problem. So how does it you see, the ethics I want is out of service and you see it's a little time, then it's back to the work without any problem if we check the political machine. Of course, we need to refresh, but the console right here is still available to console that connects directly to the virtual machine still available. Only the browser does have that issue. So the virtual machines still work, the files are still open, and the ethics I want is out of service. The connectivity is still available without any problem. So let's check what's happening right here, the full tolerance, the great disconnection from the windows that exist. I want to do Windows XP before that exist in 86 I NO2 so know when we click on these Windows machine, it shows I do. If we try to check the ESX, I talk that half are secondary, that, you know, it's become our primary virtual machine. Then if we check this one that was before, it does not show any tank inside it because it is disconnected. So, no, you see that the Windows XP and before that was secondary become our primary and you see right here, an alert means that, of course, we can check this all out. The missiles from the monitoring virtual machine 14 on state change. That means something will happen to this virtual machine. You need to check your environment to know what's happened. So this is an example of the fault tolerance in our environment. So next, we'll try to power on the East Coast and see what will happen again with the full Turrell's. So spend an extra.