High Availability Vs Fault Tolerance: Zero Down Time

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English [Auto] Blogging so after enabling the full blast in this virtual machine and you see that it's still work without any problem. No we need to know were is it just the virtual machine that we created all the fault in the last Have you checked this one. Exist in X I want and we don't see any delay virtual machine right hand and that's logically the secondary virtual machine. We're not going to show operator because it is already exists as a virtual machine. So how we see the going do the virtual machine we've got to do E-6 I want in this situation is I want Hovda Windows XP. But what we've got is X I want and in the virtual machine we check right there we see that this virtual machine Windows XP for Khaled's primary. This is a virtual machine that we use right now. If you click on it it will take us to do virtual machine. And this is ours are Primanti. So the stick to the virtual machine that we can feek when we enable do. Ease in E6 I talk. So we got to the Isak's I took and we see those we have another virtual machine exists solely to win xp for signon diary. That's me. This is the secondary virtual machine of do what. So if we click on it to check the option of this one it will take us to the same virtual machine. So no it's the same virtual machine exists in the house running in Isak's I want and Indu I chalk up to the same time. Also if we try to check that I start up this one the line number two if you remember which creates the virtual machine. 4 into Ladenburg drop her visits. So these exist in lunch. Number two if we check luck Number one we see those we have Win XP. Number four it's exists in double. Learn the hard drive and the data exists in this one and the same exists in the lot. Number two let's meet in obstetrician that we have of 5 in London broil. Hey keep connected to land number two without any problem. How does it do that. And do a vindictive fight exists in this one. So the same in London but so we have on a high ability of the military and machine that exists in to -- it Stosh if something wrong happened to one of those storage we have a model one of you to put into Seguin's trust and also exist in to E6 I host if something happened is X I want it keep working from is X number two. So there's a machine running into is X I Holst's number one in the right environment. It's running right now and the end is X I calls them br1 because this is do we want that we walk on these so we'll going to try to make this victory machine out of service and see what will happen to the virtual machine like what we did in do the height of ability when we power off our hands that have a virtual machine. We see that David your machine disconnects it then it start rebooted again but no as we want to have zero downtime Let's check. Do for us what we're going to do. So for that we going to do being to check the availability of the virtual machine Windows XP. Number four. So you see this is the IP address of this machine. So we're going to send a ping to this if be one 15 and we'll make it ultimately to checked the ability of this virtual machine. So you see it is available right now. So if we check the Windows XP number four it has it's work perfect. Let's try to mix some editing. This is a first of full reliance like that. That's me. This virtual machine is work without any problem and exist in ethics I want and we see that if something wrong happened to it is x. I wonder what will happen to this virtual machine. So I will go and try to power of do Isak's I want to create our problem right. So this is Isak's I want I try to while we're off of course it will take a little time. But one of and we check that the virtual machine is still available without any problem. So what is it you see the E6 I want is out of service. And you see it's our little time. Then it's back to the work without any problem. If we check the virtual machine of course we need to refresh but the console right here is still available. The console that connects directly to the virtual machine is still available only the browser does have that's easy. So the virtual machines still work. The file still open and that is what I want is out of service. The connectivity still available without any problem. So let's check what's happened right there. The full tolerance McGlade the connection from the windows XP and before that exist in it. I want to do Windows XP for that exist in six numbers or so. No. When we click on the Windows machine it show as he asks I talk if we try to check do is I do. That's how our secondary virtual machine. No it's become our Brimley virtual machine. Then if we check this one that was before it does not show any tank inside this because it is disconnected. So no you see that's the Windows XP. And before that was secondary become our primary. And you see right here another massage of course we can check this optimises Rhonda. And when you do it in virtual machine for nonstate Changi that means something will happen to this virtual machine. You need to check your environment to know what's happening. So this is an example of the fault in our environment. So next we'll try to power on the host and see what will happen again with the full totals. So we seem to be.