Cartoon fantasy RPG game logo design -Part 1

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Cartoon fantasy RPG game logo design -Part 1

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In this lesson we will create 3D looking golden text for our game logo!

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In this lecture we will create a logo for a generic Hero game an RPG roleplaying game. It could be anything fantasy related so a little light running around you know just being a hero and doing good things. As always I started with the sketch. I called the game big deal heroes. Because why not. And I like this one the better because it is a bit has a been there in the background. It has a sword guy and I really like this type of phones with the line inside. So it looks like it's jewelry and it could be gold and phones and I would add huge swords to the drawing. Start with the text and I start with the hero part. I will use different phone for the different parts. I have some Bedell's phones here and I suppose you always buy your phone so get the phones you use now for educational purposes. I just pick whatever font I like and scale it up a bit. Nice. Looks very heroic looks very Vyking. And now I say big deal in two other lines. I used my little sketch but obviously I want a different more modern and friendlier looking forward for this. So Hiro will be more fun as he and this will be more friendly playing with phones and playing with different styles. It's good for your game because now I would create a logo which is friendly which is a cute night going around and doing stuff. So this font is perfect. It's very playful. So it's big deal. Let's get them down. OK. Reshift click I'm selecting all of them together and we shift control. I opened the range window and arrange everything in the middle and throw a square behind and let's make it all right. This is good I turned it into a pop and I said are these two nodes and other node in the middle. This way I created an arrow but in this case this would be a hanging Bednar if the background is blue blue the background is purple. I want to add contrast so I make the letters different colors. The big deal will be white and the hero will be yellow because I imagine because of the font I told you in the beginning I imagine it will be good looking. In this tutorial we would create not just a good looking phone I will play with the phone later but I will create a three dimensional looking gold and grade font or text out of my little simple text. So first I turn it into a path object to buff then retrieve control. I put it aside and then I merge it with Cointreau plus or Poth Union. Now I deprecate it then they put the text on the other path or both. Now I have the back of the gold bar and the front of the gold bar and now I go to extensions generated from Poth X through a tiny window appears and there is lines and polygons we pick polygons. There is live preview. I really don't care about that. Usually is just slowing down your computer. So hit apply if you made a mistake just hit control-C. And the magic happened. I movie the person you see what are those polygons basically Inkscape or some degenerated the polygons going from one direction to the other from one path to the other. I put this path through the top selecting it and pushing Colm and I removed the outlines of the polygons. It looks auditee much better. And you see the feel is semitransparent. So I pull up. There are four to the maximum and the color orange already looks awesome and it was just so easy. Now you've gone through a g i put aside the polygons and with Poth Union I merged them together and this is what I have. So I have no three object one in the back one in the front and one which I now color and will be the actual body of my iron bar Funt But you see there are some tiny mistakes I've found this nice brown dark gold color you can see but there are these Dynamix mistakes. So there is no actual way around it. You have to go around and clean up all the little corners as much as you can. It depends how big your logo will be shown but always assume that your game will be mega-successful and will be on giant posters everywhere and you don't want a bad logo for that. So just go around and clean up the polygons. Also don't be afraid because some parts will be hidden by the front by the front plate. So it is OK to have some mistakes behind those lines. It doesn't have to be perfect. So as you zoom out and search for mistakes. That is a mistake but that's not visible as you see. So I don't care but they're on the bottom and here on the inside there are some mistakes I have to nicely shape to get over. And I also didn't correct the last part of the 0 because I will match together the black plate and this one you see this one is not matching the side of the R. So I move it down with control five control and noodling five I'm constantly switching the view. So I'm seeing what I'm doing. It's where you go to View and see and switch you to outline or you do like me control and five on the numeric keyboard and constantly switching. So you see I don't care here on the top of the I don't care if there is a mistake. I want to take it here on the bottom that what is straight is straight and what is needs to be curve is a curve. For example this one is a mistake. Other than that doesn't matter. You'll see in a second why OK did I made everything. So those yellow parts they don't matter. That's not a mistake. Because now I am selecting the back and then selecting the brown part and merge them together with control pass and these moves through Monster is what I get. But it doesn't make it because it's covered with the top player and it looks perfect. Just calorie diet for higher contrast. Let's use the color picker to get some more color. Making gold look cold it's a bit tricky. It's all about shining stuff and I see some little details which I can delete. I delete some notes. They are not visible. They are just taking up some memory. So I delete them I don't need them let's just clean up a bit. But other than that for example here on the top of the hour. It doesn't matter it's covered up and no I put a gradient to create the golden look. They make it from dark or orange going to yellow one. I see some mistakes mostly that my gradient is transparent. Always check for that. This is good. This one is transparent. You see it's not 100 per It's not 255. So I pull up the other and now it is not transparent anymore. Those little parts are not visible. I still delete those notes as I said before I like to clean up. It's already looks 3D ish. And I know with blander on any Undercity program you can do it maybe faster but he didn't escape. You can also play a lot with lights and the different effects and you can match 3-D into the you know very easy way. Now I had the gradient to the background. I mean the back shape and then make it even darker on the bottom. This way it pops out even more nice isn't it. It already looks 3D what I want to do is I want to add some more details and play with this color. I'm not sure about this yellow but let's duplicate it and give some more shine and texture to our gold IWK did it twice and I made it two different type of green. I use green because why. Why not. I just want to see the difference so I have a lighter and the darker one. And I go to Poth difference and I remain with this very thin green line. I color it white or actually with the mixture I will make a brighter yellow one and I can make it much nicer. OK let's make this one darker as well. But no I have a tiny bright shine on the edge and I have a background what I did. I duplicated everything. And merge them together. And I gave it a huge huge stroke. Let's make it tiny or smaller. So I duplicated the whole drawing. Here it is. I merge it together with Cointreau pop and there is a front layer there is the one for the 3D part. And now I have one object which is for stroke. I made this together so I feel love these little holes here as well. You see before after and the stroke could be much lighter. It could be darker. I will see later on how it is working with my purple background I still find these pop stroke has these dark my puff has to be a bit lighter. So I'm just playing with the color. What I would do if I would have a real object to look at like a piece of gold. How does it look. This is what I would draw. Look up references on line. What I do is the bottom is darker and the top of that text is orange inside. So it has this feeling like reflected light inside. No I duplicated the main front piece and I oddly did a stroke. I go to stroke to path. You see now I have this one. I supplicate the main layer again. And then I take out this path with Poth difference I cut out these stroke from the path on the right. So I have these little corners cut off and what remains is only this middle part of the text I give it a stroke as well. And now it's really like a tiny engraving and I make it different the lighter color a bit and they make the edge different. That's the more maybe it is good like this. So this is looking engraved. So we're just locating and cutting off the path. I gave it a gradient and you see playing with the same orange juice browns and yellows and white. It's giving really a texture or feel and it's different here on the bottom and here on the top. What I want to do is still give some shine. So I look at it again differently here and just draw a square over it. I sell both of them. They go to Poth intersection and now I have this purple thing. I color it white and with the gravy and I play with it a bit so it looks like there is a shine on it from the bottom from the top. I could make a different color but with this white it looks very shiny and very strong. So here is my hero text. This is it in different parts. It is built up from several different objects but it has a very cool 3D ish feel.