What is a Golden Lie?

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What is a Golden Lie?

Lecture description

Understand how 'Golden Lies' are the most powerful stories we tell ourselves. This lecture will clarify what a Golden Lie is and how we can apply the principle of the 'golden lie' to our lives.

It includes:

  • Differentiating between white, black (typical) and golden lies.
  • An explanation of the golden lie as a truth in progress.
  • A reassurance that no 'icky' feeling will come from the golden lie.
  • Words on how golden lies are affecting the world today.
  • An explanation of how what we say to ourselves shapes our level of success.
  • An iteration of how each person is inherently creative.
  • Encouragement to work out the way you like to create.
  • The purpose of the course to not only help others through your creativity but how to better help yourself.

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Golden Lies: Be Creative and Get ANYTHING you want in life!

Master your natural creativity and transform your life! Simply apply the 'Golden Lie' and enjoy your fulfilling life!

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Write to heal yourself, solve-problems and build your dream life.
Create art easily and meaningful to transform yourself and the world around you.
Lovingly manipulate your environment to promote productivity and creativity.
Understand the genius in the 'Golden Lie' and how apply it to your business and any other facet of your life.
Unleash your creative soul, even if you feel it has reached its limits!
Use movement therapeutically and deliberately to gain health and foster creativity.
Speak and write for self-expression and more manifestations.
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I might expect. And welcome to our close allies. The Ultimate Guide for the creative soul. I first thank you for joining me and taking this cause I humbly you what this course is about. And I know that you are going to get so much value from it. I have been wondering what is the golden in kind of what life this is the life that we all use when we want to make somebody's feelings get high. This is the most innocent kind of life we also have Doc lives the worst kind. And now the most beautiful lie is the golden life golden lie is not a lie I call a golden lie. Is it true in progress. A golden light is the best kind of lie. It's a kind of lie that you tell yourself that might not be true yet but will be true. It's actually in progress and it's golden because once you master this kind of lie it absolutely lights up your world. The key is believing in that lie. So that feels like a true that's where to go to lie comes from. Now later on we might refer to it as an ally. Because that word has so many negative connotations. But what we're doing is flipping it around so then when you start to experience the activities we are doing throughout this course you're not going to feel icky about it you can feel really good about it. You're not long at all you're creating a truth behind that definition of a golden lie. Either you know of golden wine and to be honest you have nothing but good for the world and you always must have the golden light is making things happen in their personal life. I mean they really in their holiness. They're really achieving because they understand that what they are saying to themselves and what they put it into the world to create passion is actually getting the wheels in motion to achieve these goals in life to make them true. Really your name your whole life you're a creative soul or maybe you're just beginning to realize that this course is going to help you maximize the way implement your creativity in your life. So you can get everything that you desire. I want to reassure you is that every single human being in this world is highly creative. We problem solve which is creative. We make babies which is creating something at our core essence. We're really creative beings. People feel so much joy and excitement when they look at something that they've made. So whether it's creating a house or taking a great photo it really makes people excited. And this is why it's so essential for us to unlock that creative power. So we feel happier more often. So this is about getting your work out the way that you want to create best and using more of that radio. Right. Or cake maker or a photographer or somebody who loves interior design. You have created skills and this course is about harnessing that to use them to work in your favor not just to help other people but to allow you to create the life that you love. You may have heard words like manifestation of synchronicity be thrown around. Now this is a really practical way to start manifesting or just creating what's up here and putting it out into the world. You do need to have some say and charts that go into these quotes and taking all the steps to get you to where you need to be in terms of feeling like your complete self and that you're truly harnessing your creative powers. I'm so thrilled that you joined me and that you're ready to hear me. I've followed all the skills that I've learned in manifesting the world around me. The purpose of this course is to share something that's immensely powerful and I really want you to get all the benefits. So if there's anything that you're struggling with or any exit tips that you need please do send me a line and I'll get back to you. I'm so honored to have you here with me. I'll catch you next. But we're really going to get your creative wheels in motion.