Becky Shortt

CEO of School Savvy and Becky Shortt Coaching

I lead a double life, kind of like a superhero, but mostly like a lady with several passions and two core businesses that make a difference to people's lives.

After working as high school English teacher for several years, I noticed scope in the curriculum to deal more extensively with the building of confidence, learning skills and compassion within our young people. Sometimes I'd get in trouble from the principal for spending my lunch time teaching kids how to have better relationships with their peers or how make the words of a bully insignificant. Then came the birth of School Savvy, an organisation that teaches confidence and success at school and in the 'real world' through writing, speaking and creative means. As a trained English teacher, these modes of communication are close to my heart and also my area of expertise.

But that is just one of my lives. I am also a life coach who helps adults shift beliefs, follow their passion and be happier using their natural creativity. I even write empowering theme songs for people because it's fun and makes their life more awesome.

You may also know me as Rebecca Zammit and can find me on Youtube doing karate and teaching teens how to improve their writing and speaking. You may occasionally see some embarrassing moments of singing or general tomfoolery. I hope you do.

I am also very open to communication from those seeking help or those who currently work with me, so do reach out if there is anything you need. I mostly hang out in Australia, if you ever want to visit!

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