Golden Lies: Be Creative and Get ANYTHING you want in life!
4.1 (20 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
9,556 students enrolled

Golden Lies: Be Creative and Get ANYTHING you want in life!

Master your natural creativity and transform your life! Simply apply the 'Golden Lie' and enjoy your fulfilling life!
4.1 (20 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
9,556 students enrolled
Created by Becky Shortt
Last updated 1/2015
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This course includes
  • 2.5 hours on-demand video
  • 19 mins on-demand audio
  • 16 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion
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What you'll learn
  • Write to heal yourself, solve-problems and build your dream life.
  • Create art easily and meaningful to transform yourself and the world around you.
  • Lovingly manipulate your environment to promote productivity and creativity.
  • Understand the genius in the 'Golden Lie' and how apply it to your business and any other facet of your life.
  • Unleash your creative soul, even if you feel it has reached its limits!
  • Use movement therapeutically and deliberately to gain health and foster creativity.
  • Speak and write for self-expression and more manifestations.
  • Open-mind, no mediocre attitudes, e.g, 'I knew that'. We can always grow if we stay open and apply our learnings with an absolute intention of success.
  • Watch each lecture and complete the corresponding Success Sheet and listen to supplementary material.
  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Stay in touch with me to discuss any current challenges you are having in your life so I can give you personal guidance.

New Bonus Lectures as of January 2015!

Want to get anything you want, using your amazing mind? Could telling lies be the key? You bet!

This 76 item course by life coach, Becky Shortt, will take you step by step through some of the most powerful processes for getting what you want in life and doing it using your natural creative powers.

It includes how thinking. writing, speaking, drawing, questioning and reflection can easily improve the quality of your life, your business and relationships.

This course will speak to you on a deep level and will give you the means and motivation you need to transform your life and have more fun! It also includes some life-coaching secrets based on psychology and NLP.

This course includes 55 lectures, 4 ebooks and supplementary resources and materials that are proven to lead to greater happiness and fulfilment. Even using half these practices have had powerful consequences for my students' lives. As such, do not feel you must use absolutely every recommendation. Just the ones that resonate with you.

'I didn't think I had the strength to change the story of my life until I did this course.' (Michael, 28)

I know that you will gain great success and happiness from the changes you make as a result of this course. And there is a 100% 30 day money-back guarantee if you do not see results after applying the techniques and principles taught in this course. Do discuss your successes and stay in touch with me to let me know how your are going.

Click Take This Course at the top of this page to get enrolled and enjoy the most incredible year of your life. Note: Price increases as of July 2015.

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Happy manifesting!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to know how their creativity can be utilised for ultimate happiness.
  • People who are struggling to combine their creative self with the daily demands of life.
  • People who want to change their life for the better!
Course content
Expand all 56 lectures 03:38:29
+ Golden Lies
2 lectures 11:13

Understand how 'Golden Lies' are the most powerful stories we tell ourselves. This lecture will clarify what a Golden Lie is and how we can apply the principle of the 'golden lie' to our lives.

It includes:

  • Differentiating between white, black (typical) and golden lies.
  • An explanation of the golden lie as a truth in progress.
  • A reassurance that no 'icky' feeling will come from the golden lie.
  • Words on how golden lies are affecting the world today.
  • An explanation of how what we say to ourselves shapes our level of success.
  • An iteration of how each person is inherently creative.
  • Encouragement to work out the way you like to create.
  • The purpose of the course to not only help others through your creativity but how to better help yourself.

Remember that you can send me any questions about the course content as it relates to you.

Preview 04:52

The link between this modern new-age concept and the golden lie.

It includes:

  • A lesson on how to create an affirmation.
  • Examples of how to base your affirmation on a feeling.
  • A recommendation to write down what you desire for yourself short-term and long-term. This will help you with the rest of the course.
  • Examples of how to combine what you aim to achieve with the affirmation.
  • Words on the psychology of the affirmation.
  • The link between the affirmation and the golden lie and how to adjust your feelings from the typical emotions of a lie into the emotions of a truth.
  • A reminder to only aim to achieve what you actually want yourself, not what other people expect from you.
  • Enormous crediting of the affirmation for my personal success.
  • An admittance of the best thing about religion.
  • Time for you to write down your affirmations.

Don't forget to use all the lecture materials to support you in this process.

The Affirmation
+ Vision Boarding: Art, Science and Magic!
11 lectures 39:11

Learn what a vision board is and the fundamental elements that make it a powerful tool for manifesting. Find out what it has to do with creative powers.

You will:

  • Get a definition of the vision board.
  • See examples of what a vision board is.
  • Be encouraged to embrace the practice of vision-boarding.
  • Hear the paradox- you can throw it together or be meticulous.
  • Understand how vision boards are full of golden lies.
  • Learn that the vision board has everything to do with creativity as it is about constructing the world around you. You are the creator.

Speak to me if you still have questions about what it is.

Vision Board Basics

Open your mind and imagination with this run down of the kind of images you can put on your board for maximum effect. Remember to do the Vision Boarding Brainstorm Success Sheet!

This lecture makes you aware of the following categories of what to include on your vision board:

  • representations of the feeling you plan to have
  • possessions you desire
  • experiences you anticipate
  • activities you want to participate in
  • places you want to travel
  • inspiring words
  • who you want to be
  • people you want to spend quality time with
  • any words you want to associate with your life

The success sheet will help you brainstorm what images you would like to put on your board. This process has a built-in function- to establish your goals more clearly.

What to include on your vision board

Without being too pedantic, you will learn the pros and cons of where you get your images from. We want to do this thing properly!

You'll learn:

  • The pros of using magazines (FUN!)
  • The cons of getting your images from magazines (think LIMITATIONS)
  • The best practice when it comes to magazine use
  • The pros of sourcing your images from the internet
  • The cons of using internet images
  • The best way to use internet images
  • How to use photographs on your vision board.

All in all, you will go into vision board creation with a clear idea of how your images and where they come from are affecting the quality of your board.

Sourcing Your Images

This lecture will teach you the best practice when it comes to using the the digital vision board:

You will:

  • hear my endorsement of 'shopping for your life' online
  • a recommendation on how to get the most from your digital vision board
  • be guided step by step in how to use Pinterest to make an online vision board
Digital versus Paper

The purpose of this lecture is to guide and inspire you in the arrangement of the images of your board. It will lead to cool surprises!

You will hear:

  • How vision board picture arrangement will teach you problem solving skills.
  • How vision board picture arrangement may result in gifts from the universe.
  • A personal story from me that shows how the arrangement of images can open up magical possibilities.

Your action is to begin making your paper vision board.

Arranging Images

Where to put your vision board for maximum manifesting impact. This lecture will help you understand how incidentally viewing, subconscious absorption, deliberate meditation and relaxation all factor into where your vision board should be located.

It includes:

  • An explanation of how seeing our board in passing is essential
  • How often you should see your vision board and, hence, where to place it
  • The necessity of being able to relax in front of the vision board.
  • How comfort is vital when it comes to completing activities, meditating on and appreciating your visions.

Once you have done this lecture, consider the placement of the vision board you have created and decide whether it is in a position primed for optimal manifestation.

Where to Put It

Non-negotiable, awesome things to do as soon as that vision board is all done. There are activities that you can do that centre around the images on your board, but these particular ones are so great to do once the board is 'completed'.

You will learn the process of:

  • reinforcing your optimal mindset by showing gratitude for what is on the board
  • taking a dramatic stride towards a goal
  • trusting
  • letting go so you can bring more into your life

Take these steps now before watching the next lecture!

Immediate Steps to Take When it is Done

Avoid potentially awkward feelings and conversations with this authentic and inspiring reaction. You will evoke feelings of support from others and feel more confident yourself when you say any of these statements when people enquire about your vision board.

What you will learn:

  • How people want to be on board with what you are doing
  • How others can support your goals
  • A gracious way to show you are proud of you board.

When people see your vision board, how you react could determine how committed you are to your goals and whether your feelings are supporting or sabotaging you.

Preview 01:35

As part of your personal development, ensure you make time for these extra fun and potent activities that revolve around your magnificent vision board. This lecture includes how to use:

  • Visualisation. Pay attention to the recommended time frame and the feelings you should experience during your visualisation.
  • Affirmations, including how to add impact by writing one down daily
  • Advanced gratitude lists- intersperse what you are currently grateful for AND what you are manifesting in your life.
  • Powerful brainstorming to help you achieve your goal faster
  • Problem-solving by encouraging the universe to synchronise two or more of your goals.
  • The digital world to your advantage
  • Check in with yourself to make sure you really care about every item on your board.
  • A detailed success plan with a timeline to achieve each vision
  • Daily disciplines to better align you with your goal
  • Art or other creative means to manifest your dreams (more on this later!)
  • Motivation to manage your time better.
Activities to Add Power to the Punch

This is a brief lecture that encourages you to always appreciate the magic of vision board creation.


  • things will come easily
  • they will come in unusual ways
  • you will support these happening with your practices


It is still incredible!

Love the magic!

Final Words on Vision-boarding

This quiz will assess your ability to make the best choices when creating your vision board.

How Successful Will Your Vision Board Be?
5 questions
Your Ebook Summary
20 pages
+ Mind's Eye: The Birth of the Golden Lie
2 lectures 06:17

Meet the mind's eye as we will use it. This lecture is about how to use our imagination muscle. This lesson covers:

  • the challenge of even being able to visualise ourselves being great
  • a visualisation to help you create the ideal world around you
  • how to entwine your visualisation through feelings
  • how to use multiple perspectives when flexing your imagination muscle
  • more on creativity and the role of the imagination in manifestation
  • the constant movement of the mind and how to be more aware of this
  • how to better consider the default imaginings of your mind
  • the best things to imagine
  • why optimal visualisation is like knowing the movie has a happy ending
Imagination as Canvas

A necessary look at risks and inevitable magic when it comes to your imagination. The lecture:

  • warns against excessive imagining without some action
  • reassures you that imagination teamed with positive emotion still gets the wheels in motion
  • helps you better understand the balance between imagination and action
  • demonstrates how the empowerment gained from your imaginings should be what propels you into action.
Escapism versus Empowerment
+ Dream Art
14 lectures 39:27

This lecture will begin to shift your mindset about creativity as we know it.

The lecture covers:

  • A redefining of the creative
  • Acknowledgement of how 'creatives' are often misunderstood, although during childhood they are put up on a pedestal.
  • The paradoxes of creativity
  • A peek at what is to come
Redefining the Creative

What is this so-called dream art and what has it got to do with anything?

Key points from this lecture include:

  • How no conventional artistic skill is needed to create 'dream art'
  • An explanation of the power of having positive vibrations when composing dream art
  • Dream Art as a mini-manifestation and a clear message to the universe
Introduction to Dream Art

Why artistic creation not only empowers us, but resonates so powerfully with the universe. The lecture looks at:

  • How taking something from your mind and putting it down as art shows you can turn thoughts into things.
  • How dream art reinforces that you can manifest on larger scales and more frequently should you wish.

Rest assured, now, that this works!

The Psychology of Artistic Creation

A look at my 'dream art' and how it has changed lives for the better.

Note: This is an audio lecture with some pictures of 'Dream Art'. Make sure that the volume on your computer and on Udemy is up high enough to hear clearly.

The lecture covers:

  • How I attracted more romance in my life with my first dream art creation
  • How I helped my brother and sister in law make a family home again.
  • Why the expressions on your persona's face is so important
  • How I used dream art to improve my friendships
  • How dream art made me make time for others
  • A brief interruption from Milo
  • How you can represent your philosophy (more on this later)
  • How to position yourself in your ideal setting is the most powerful kind of dream art
  • How to use colour and background for effect
  • How to portray yourself in art
  • How all this helps you manifest your dreams
Dream Art as Life Design

This lecture will talk you through a few pieces of my dream art to show you how you could do something similar. The supplementary materials are really important in this section as they will help you work out you taste and style.


  • Your art does not have to be technically good- just effective
  • You can express yourself artistically through other types of art (e.g. music, writing) so this 'dream art' may not be your main creative outlet for manifesting.
Creating Your Own Dream Art

How you can uniquely portray what you believe in. Again, make sure you complete your success sheet on Representing Your Philosophy so you can come up with something like this for yourself.

The lecture:

  • shows you how to portray what you believe in
  • demonstrates how this could guide your daily actions
Preview 01:31

A mention of intention. This short lecture is about:

  • Setting up an attitude that anything you do will be perfect for what it is meant to achieve
  • Encouraging you to relax
  • Positioning you to infuse your art with better vibes
Power of the Intention

Learn how to plan and represent your own dream art. Be sure to use the supplementary materials.


  • scenes you want to represent
  • symbols that mean something to you
  • colour as a way into ar
Plan, Visualise and Represent Simply

Discover the minimal effort it takes to manifest what is depicted on your dream art.

It covers:

  • How our emotions are the key to manifesting
  • The mindset you need to adopt when creating dream art.
  • What you need to say to yourself when painting or drawing your art
How to Manifest Your Dream Art

The comforting words that you need to hear now.

  • Acknowledge that the art is fine as it is
  • Appreciate it as you see it. It functions as another way into achieving your dreams.
Acknowledge and Appreciate

Revolving your decisions around your dream art is as simply effective as it seems. This lecture covers:

  • Using decision comparison
  • Considering whether you are about to act in a way that aligns you with/ brings you closer to OR takes you further away from the image you see of yourself.
  • How this is a tool for better decision making and living a life you love.
Dream Art and Decision Making

Learn how to tattoo for ultimate impact. Tattoos are definitely a form of dream art, if you take part in the designing process. If you are getting a tattoo:

  • design it as a piece of dream art
  • be aware of the extreme impact it will have if you attach it to your body
  • remember that you need to choose an image that represents what you want to manifest and avoid tattoos that are sad
Ink for Change

Discover if photography resonates with you as your form of dream art. The lecture outlines:

  • How photography may be another avenue of dream creation
  • What kind of photos constitute 'dream art'
  • How you can display photos for maximum impact
Through the Lens

This brief Ebook can be read to refresh your memory on Dream Art as a practice for manifestation.

Dream Art: Ebook Summary
11 pages

Review your knowledge of the ins and outs of artistic creation.

The Nuances of Dream Art
5 questions
+ Your Word: Rethinking Creative Writing
6 lectures 18:59

Understand why writing can help you recreate who you are and forge new paths into your future. This lecture gives an overview of the way writing can be used as a tool to support the manifestation of dreams. It is a taste into why we should write more if we are to improve the quality of our lives.

It covers:

  • Why people shy away from writing
  • What writing can offer us and our lives.
  • How writing can instigate ideas.
Writing and Self-Creation

Productive and healing journal writing. See it done! This lecture explains why journalling is back in fashion and how we can use it to overcome changes, heal ourselves and manifest our dreams.

It covers:

  • What new age journal writing actually is and also what it is not.
  • A sample of a journal entry I have written to overcome a challenge.
  • The process of journal writing to clear 'blocks'.
  • How to replace a negative belief with journal writing.
  • How to manifest dreams by asking yourself these questions when journal writing.
  • Words from the wise to remove resistance, including an offer from me.

Remember to do the Journal Writing Success Sheet straight after this lecture to see the power of writing in action.


This lesson will demonstrate how falling into the wrong patterns of thinking can determine your present and potentially sabotage opportunities or provide them.

It covers:

  • How people have a go-to story about their lives.
  • An example of how a circumstance could lead to a disempowering personal story OR one that demonstrates a positive attitude.
  • How the effects of our go-to story are compounded over time, the more we tell that story.
  • How people can be self-deprecating and how others may treat them accordingly.
  • An encouragement to consider and potentially reconsider the stories you are telling yourself.
The Tales We Tell Ourselves

How to narrative write to retell and reshape your story creatively. The supplementary sheet for this lecture is super important, so do complete it to make the most of this lesson.

It covers:

  • Creative writing as a way to manifest your dreams
  • How to write a story with a happy ending in order to manifest your visions and heal any pain of the past.
Preview 01:53

See how your own free verse poetry is a window into your dreams and a quick trigger for happiness. In this lecture you will hear:

  • Samples of poems that are simple, yet effective in how they encourage dream manifestation.
  • How poems can assist visualisation
  • Advice on how to create your own poem.

Make sure you complete the Success Sheet available in the downloadable materials.

Pens, Poetry and Paper

This will stimulate your curiosity about songwriting as another way to manifest your dreams. You even have a Success Sheet to help you write your first song to help you be happier. In this lecture you will hear:

  • Why the universal appreciation of music makes it such a powerful way of manifesting dreams.
  • How you can write a melody if you have never done it before.

This is my area of speciality (I write Theme Songs for people and businesses) so if you need more help with this or want it done for you, let me know!

A Guide for Songwriters (You too!)

Consolidate your new understanding of creative writing with this quiz.

Have you rethought creative writing?
7 questions
+ My Business
4 lectures 09:27

What to expect in terms of this section. It foreshadows that 'golden lies' can be applied to your business.

Golden Lies in Motion
My New Business is a Golden Lie

Use your creativity to design your business or personal brand. This lecture covers:

  • The importance of cohesion between your business brand, the business purpose and who you are as a person and what you stand for.
  • How your branding needs to represent the greatest version of your company.
  • How you, yourself,can be a brand if you believe you stand for something unique.
Business Branding

Balance the principles of imitation and innovation when developing your business.

Innovation versus Imitation

Evaluate how well you understand how creativity is woven into every business and is a fundamental building block of every success story.

Your Creative Business
3 questions
+ Creating the Home
2 lectures 08:35

Demystified. How mess can help or hinder your creativity. This lecture covers:

  • The role of distracting mess in terms of work productivity
  • How when manifesting it may be better to have a clear space because everything has its own energy.
  • Your personal taste and how it comes into play when it comes to mess and creativity.
Mess and Creativity

Become aware of environmental blocks to creativity and productivity AND learn what you must do to have the best working space. This lecture includes:

  • How to set yourself up for comfort
  • How to eliminate distractions
  • How to communicate with others so they respect your time.
Designing your Environment

Use this quiz as a guide to remind you of how to make your environment more conducive to creativity.

What does it take to make a creative space?
4 questions
+ Speaking From the Soul
2 lectures 09:52

This lecture differentiates between speaking 'the truth' and speaking 'your truth'.

We will look at:

  • How to express what is important to you
  • What happens when we fail to express our truth, including physical ailments
  • Where we are most likely to not speak our truth
  • How obligations can be such a hindrance to living and speaking our truth
  • An example of someone who could better speak their truth.
Speaking Your Truth

This lectures is about how to proudly and clearly convey what it is you do in order to better align yourself with that golden lie or your bright vision for the future. It covers:

  • How to speak and act when you are going for something big (and what I do)
  • The contrast between articulating a dream in a wishy-washy way and saying it with utter confidence.
  • What stops us from speaking our vision?
  • How people receive you speaking your vision and whether this is even important.
Speaking Our Vision

This quiz will test your ability to use your spoken word to manifest a better world and express your truth.

Understanding the Spoken Word
7 questions
+ Movement as Creative Release
4 lectures 09:07

This lecture teaches:

  • How to use your body to release negativity
  • How to use your body to manifest greatness
Interpretive Movement

This lecture:

  • Outlines how moving our body for fun helps us manifest our dreams.
  • Suggests ways to move your body for fun.
Moving for Fun

This lecture is about:

  • How empowering problem solving sports can be
  • Following through on strategy
Problem-Solving Sports

This lecture outlines how:

  • We can physically create our body with some key, deliberate changes
  • How body sculpting is a literal example of the change we can incite
Body Sculpture

This quiz is a resource you can use to get on track with your use of movement to better express yourself, reinforce your creative powers and live a healthy and vibrant life.

Creative Movement
4 questions
+ Creating the Moment
4 lectures 06:37

This lecture is about the profound influence that our personal perception has on the quality of each moment. It addresses:

  • How with practise we will defer to positive perceptions
  • The best principles to bear in mind to create a perception that serves us
  • The role of personal development and perception.
  • Considering whether you are seeing the world in a loving or fearful way
  • How thinking about what you are learning can improve the moment
  • How to better consider what you are bringing to each moment and learning from this.
  • How we should view ourselves and others to optimise our perception for growth and love.

This lecture addresses how every person applies filters to each moment. It will show you how you can add better filters to each day or significant moment.

Preview 02:17

This lecture differentiates between that which we feel we have to do, and that which we want to do. In summary:

  • We should either get rid of what we feel we have to do, or if it actually is a necessity, acknowledge why we actually want to do it.
  • We should schedule in time to do more of what it is we love to do.
Have-tos into Want-Tos

This lecture covers:

  • How in a modern, fast-paced world centred around 'consuming' that creativity takes a back seat when it comes to time.
  • How people often get trapped in the monotony of existing, failing to mindfully create the moment or to make time to reassess their direction.
  • How in terms of creating just for fun, it is easy for people to not make time for this at all.
  • And what you can do about it right now
Time for Creativity

This quiz will allow you to assess how well you understand the parts of consciousness that are relevant to happy living and creating your ideal mental state.

Creating the Moment Quiz
3 questions