A New Standard for Effective Communication

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A New Standard for Effective Communication

Lecture description

There is a standard by which we can integrate into our practice, our day-to-day interactions, and in fact, every area in our lives. It's this immediately actionable standard that Kain will disclose in this thought-provoking video.

Influence: Communication Skills for Management and Leadership

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Leadership Communication Skills for Influence and Impact

Develop the communication skills that will make you irreplaceable, influential and unstoppable as a 21st century leader.

05:58:35 of on-demand video • Updated March 2018

Learn how to tap into the inner depths of your communication potential.
How to adapt your communication style to increase your leadership influence.
Expand your communication capacity to motivate, inspire and empower people.
Interact with other people with unconditional acceptance and without prejudice.
Communicate with a sense of assertiveness, transparency and self-assurance.
How to manage challenging people, give honest feedback and handle criticism.
Easily and accurately convey your thoughts, feelings, and information to others.
Create dynamic ways to enhance your communication skills into the future.