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Power BI Family

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Learn to use the easiest Business Intelligence tool to create stunning reports and dashboards.
learn how you can visualize that data in a meaningful way to revile insights into your business like never before.
learn how, with Power BI, to connect to multiple sources of data like SQL Server, Excel, CSV, JSON, XML, Web and SQL Analysis Services etc....
learn how to, with the power of basic DAX, create powerful calculations and comparisons across multiples tables of data.
Learn how to create advanced DAX measures and calculated columns for complex calculations.
Learn Dataflows (new CDM base, Azure Lake gen2), what it is and how to use and configure databases in it.
Learn how to use charts using visuals like column, line, pie, combo, Scatter, Treemap, Funnel, Gauges and KPIs to name a few.
Easily clean the messy data, model your data as per your requirement and format your report to make it look beautiful and professional.
Learn to create powerful tables and matrix of reporting data.
Learn how to use Text Boxes, Shapes, Images, maps, and other visuals.
Learn how to turn data into insight and data into interactive visualizations to tell a story.
Learn how to use advanced features like Report page tooltips and Bookmarks.
Learn to use Custom Visualizations and Themes in Power BI.
Learn  and develop data modeling skills.
Learn how to automate the cleansing of data.
Learn how to  collaboration and sharing of content on Microsoft's Powerful platform.
This hands on course will prepare you to start your data analytics career.
Learn Dashboard-in-a-day at your own pace at home or at your office.
Learn Power BI Best Practices, Tip and Tricks.
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In this video we're going to discuss the Power BI product family. There are six products in this family. First one is Power BI service. Power BI Service is a self service cloud hosted business intelligence platform that empowers analysts to build data models, data explorations, reporting and dashboarding. It enables anyone to visualize and analyze data, produce beautiful reports in the minutes, then publish them for your organization to consume on the web or across mobile devices. It is easy, fast and free unless you are using power BI pro version, which is around $9.95 per month per user. And we're going to discuss this in the later in this video. Next is Power BI Desktop. Power BI Desktop is totally free available Windows application that allows analysts to design self-service data models. You can use Power BI desktop to mash up data from various data sources and then combine it for creating interactive dashboards and reports. Explore your data wherever it is in the cloud or on the premise. It can clean transfer and mash up data from multiple sources in a few clicks. It also enables business user to dig deeper into the data and find patterns they may have otherwise missed. With its features like quick measures grouping, forecasting and clustering. This is the tool we're going to use the most in the future in our course. Next product of the family is Power BI premium. It's a very new from Microsoft targeting large organizations. Power BI Premium offers a dedicated capacity environment, giving your organization more consistent performance without requiring you to purchase per user license. Right now, if you have to buy a pro license, it is 995. So if you are collaborating the reports on online powerbi.com, you have to pay $9, $95 per user to Microsoft. So Microsoft created those who has over 1000. There is a calculator online too. I will get you the link also on that. Beside cost saving power, BI premium is appealing from the performance standpoint as it offers a dedicated environment just for your organization. Your audience is widespread power BI premium lets you distribute dashboards, reports and other contents broadly without purchasing individual licenses for each recipient, whether they are inside or outside of your organization. Next in the family is Power BI Mobile. Power BI Mobile is a freely available mobile application for iOS, Android, Windows and HTML based tablets and smartphones. With its help, users can view the reports and dashboards in powerbi.com. Also can monitor the business right from the phone. Keep on top of the KPIs and reports. Use natural language query to ask questions of your data and or use Cortana by just asking to bring your reports and dashboards to you as we show in the last video. You can also configure push notifications for personal data alerts to your device, see your data updates in real time on phones, tablets and Apple Watch. So this is the Power of Power BI mobile. Another new member of the Power BI is power BI embedded it less developer embed interactive. Power BI reports in custom apps or help your customer access the data they need to make better decisions. They can do it right from within the app you have created. You can create use API to do that and embed visuals into apps, portals, SharePoint, team service, etcetera. And the last member of the Power BI is Power BI report server. This gives you a choice to deploy reports to a cloud or an on premise. And the choice doesn't have to be exclusive. This is a good option for the organization needs an on premise report portal that host only power BI reports, but also operational reports and Excel reports. Power BI report server gives you the user or the users access to the data insights and the enterprise reporting capabilities of the SQL Server Reporting services in on premise solution. Let people visually explore data and quickly discover patterns to make better and faster decisions at the same time. Generate the precisely formatted reports your business needs. You will also be able to confidently scale to thousands of users because the Power BI reporting service is based on the proven enterprise grade platform. You can organize your reports in the folders, manage access and update it as often as you want. So that was a product's about the Power BI family. So let's check out the pricing. Also, let's see how much they cost. So I'm on the website. You can pause this video and go to this by yourself if you need to know more. But I'm going to just go here and this is actually updated on March 2018. So it shows that Power BI desktop is free, Totally free. We know that. And perpetual license licensing is also totally free. And they also have those docs here. You can click on this and go there. I'm going to post this URL also in the resources so you guys can go if you could not, you know, it's very small for you to look at. So Power BI Pro is 999 per user, but it also depends on how Microsoft has licensing with your company. If you have a enterprise license, it may be $6, $5 or $4 depending on what kind of license you have. So this is if you do not have anything to do with Microsoft, do not doing any business right now with Microsoft, the license cost is $9.95. Same way here. So it shows 499 per month for eight core. But this again, depends your relationship with Microsoft. If you are already giving them a lot of business, this may be very low. Same way here. Embedded is 625 a month per core. Gateway is totally free. Both Gateways Personal Gateway and Enterprise Gateway. Microsoft has you can check out again here. They both are free and very easy to configure. We're going to do it here in the course. So mobile is also totally free. You can download from iOS store or Android store also, you know, I just looked at the bottom and I find out they're comparing with Tableau. Of course, Tableau is expensive than you know. There are 175,000 for eight cores for Tableau Server. But premium, you can compare with the premium. So premium is still five times 12 is like 60,000 a year or so is compared to 175,000. And professional is Tableau professional license. User license is $70 instead of 995 or maybe 6 or $7 for you If you are doing business with Microsoft again here. Also $260,000 plus 65. Yeah, it is expensive. So we're not going to get into this. If you want, I'm going to post the URL, you can get look at it. But yes, Power BI is pretty cheap as compared to all the other tools available in the market. Thank you for taking the time to watch this video and I will see you in the next lecture.