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GDPR training course - section 8 intro

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Build EU GDPR data protection compliance from scratch (CIPT)

2020_FREE GDPR Templates & Documentation - Practical GDPR Blueprint - CIPT,CIPM,CIPP/E certification preparation

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  • Lessons from ex-Microsofter and IBMer
  • Will have a list of 61 templates/documents that will help them start GDPR programme
  • Understand what GDPR needs in order to achieve compliance
  • Go for CIPT, CIPM and CIPP/E certification by IAPP with a comprehensive learning plan explained in lesson 4
  • Will have a GDPR implementation guide
  • Understand Online privacy issues
  • Understand technologies with privacy considerations and core privacy concepts
  • Understand how technology will help in achieving compliance
  • Understand lawful processing from HR point of view
  • Understand how to work with Cloud Service Providers (CSPs)
English [Auto] Hi guys in this lesson we'll discuss what you see in this whole section number eight. And after we manage to fill in and to see all the documents you need to create and use in order to become GDP pure compliance either your company or your client. Then in the end the report will have some recommendations. And usually these recommendations are filled in with technology. So right now in this section I want to show you pieces of technology pieces of security services that can help an organization achieve GDP compliance and filling in the gaps already assigned through the GEP assessment and through all the processes that we already defined in the law section. So I've chosen a cloud platform which is mykes of danger in order to demonstrate some concepts just because right now cloud security is a hot topic and using cloud services has a lot of benefits. You don't need to have the genome Primm hardware machines you don't need to process and to have all these data processes data processing machines in your own premi environment. You can just use the data and do all the processing activities and everything that's regarding analytics in the cloud related to security. So what we'll discuss about is we will discuss about Asia Active Directory as a start. So managing the identities protecting their identities will discussable pre-provision into management. We'll discuss a lot more by productivity and how mobile devices can be integrated in an environment we'll discuss about ways to control and to have visibility of belt cloud applications that your users from own premi environment they are accessing like Facebook like Linked-In like box like Dropbox. And we want to know how the information and what data is processed through these cloud applications. We will speak about classification labeling and protection of files and e-mails because this is how the data will will flow between different users for different applications. And we want to protect the information from one end to another and then we'll discuss both different ways of achieving a level of protection endpoint level. What is Incident Response. What is the automation needs in response. How we can achieve that. And for sure we'll go also be for companies that have their infrastructures already in the cloud and that they can use some services in order to protect and to get some insights about what's happening in their virtual machines right there. So Max danger is the demonstration platform. You can have similar let's say features for other clock platforms but Macs have developed some some really nice tools and features which are different products in there in the cloud platform that you can that your customer or your company can buy and use in order to become as you do pure compliance. So let's see what we can get here.