10X your productivity: Word, Excel, Windows Master Them
4.2 (59 ratings)
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2,626 students enrolled
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10X your productivity: Word, Excel, Windows Master Them

Maximizing productivity when using a Windows computer, Word, Excel, Gmail and so much more. I teach you to be a Pro
4.2 (59 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,626 students enrolled
Created by Rico Rodriguez
Last updated 2/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Save time in Windows maneuvering through Word, Excel and the operating system itself
  • Use Microsoft Word like a Boss
  • Use notepad ++ to do massive updates on data
  • Feel comfortable using hot-keys to navigate through the software they use every day
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  • How to turn on their computer
  • Have you used your computer for years but barely know how to use it?
  • Do you sit behind co-workers and say "how did they do that?"
  • When given a task do you spend your time right arrowing through documents?
  • Have you ever thought about being a pro-level user of the tool you use every day?

I hire new people every day. I want my employees to get the most of their day, and I want to get the most of out my money. With the skills I show you in this course you will save yourself hours every week, and people will look at you like a Pro level user.

Every day we spend so much time trying so hard to get a lot done. yet we find at the end of the day we have done nothing. I can show you how to master your computer and make yourself way more productive.

We spend hours on the computer but I find that no one ever knows how to use their computer properly. It is the tool of your trade isn't it? When you sit down at it though you use it almost the same way you used it the first time you sat down at it. Every day people do the same thing repeatedly but what if there was an easy way to learn how to do your daily tasks only faster. What would you do with that time? Take a longer lunch? Or even maybe you could make more money?

I'm here to show you how to become a master of things you do every day. In this course I will show you how to maneuver your computer faster. Write emails like a speed daemon. Skate through word and excel like your on a speed train, and even show you how to do massive tasks in seconds. You don't have to be a computer hacker to understand what I'm talking about either.

By the end of my course you will know some of the key secrets to speed through large tasks like a pro. How to use a macro tool that can make minced meat out of any repetitive task. Text manipulation that will make you the king of your cubicle. Use Microsoft office short-cuts that will make you skip through Word and Excel projects faster than you could have ever thought.

If for any reason you don't like my course I'll give you a full refund.

Who is the target audience?
  • This class is meant for people who just know how to use their computer but aren't experts yet
  • This class is for people who sit behind people and ask "How did they do that?"
  • This is for people who want to save time in the software they use every day and get more done.
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Curriculum For This Course
20 Lectures
Intro to why you are here
1 Lecture 00:36

Course Outline

Maneuvering Windows

Word Shortcuts

Excel Shortcuts

Gmail Shortcuts


Maneuvering Windows like a Pro
1 Lecture 05:50

This lecture will show how to Run a Program, Lock Computer Screen, Show Desktop, get a Screenshot of one's computer screen and show the computer's Admin Panel.

Maneuvering Shortcut Keys

Maneuvering Windows Quiz
4 questions
Word Shortcuts
6 Lectures 24:05

In this section, the students will learn some of the most used functions. This section will cover the Copy and Paste functions,Character Formatting, Text Alignment, the Undo and Redo functions, how to change a text's font size, quickly navigating through a text and how to select text to highlight in an efficient manner.

Introduction to Word shortcuts.

Character formatting is probably the most used feature in Microsoft Word. In this course I show you how to do this without ever touching your mouse.

Press Ctrl + B to set text to bold.

Press Ctrl + I to set text to Italic.

Press Ctrl + U to underline text.

Setting text to Bold, Italic and Underlined.

A lot of time is wasted undoing manually a mistake you made. Not everyone knows about the Undo and Redo commands but these commands have definately helped speed up things for my employees. Some people use the mouse and do this the long way, but why not just use shortcuts to speed up your day.

Press Ctrl + Z to undo an action.

Press Ctrl + Y to redo an action that was undone.

Undo and Redo Functions

The mouse is a slow tool. A lot of time is spent choosing font sizes. So why not use the shortcuts so you can decide which font best suits your document.

Press Ctrl + [ to decrease font size.
Press Ctrl + ] to increase font size.

Increasing and Decreasing a text's font size without the use of a mouse

I see no one that uses these features and I use them every day to zoom through documents and code and get to the formatting I want to do. Anyone of these items will save you time but if you use them all, all the time the time savings are astounding.

This lecture will show what happens when arrows keys are used with the Ctrl key.

Navigate Through Text Quickly using arrow keys

Using the same keys that I taught you in the previous class, we take it one step further and do mass selecting of data.

This lecture will show what happens when arrow keys are used with the Shift key.

Selecting Text Quickly

Word Shortcuts Quiz
5 questions
Excel Shortcuts
6 Lectures 18:00

This section will show how to insert rows, columns and worksheets. This will also teach the students how to efficiently select regions, jump to specific locations, open useful Dialogue Boxes and edit text.

Introduction To Excel Shortcuts

Press Alt + I plus an additional letter - R for rows, C for columns and W for worksheets.

Inserting Rows, Columns and W orksheets (Alt + i)

Press Ctrl + A to select all cells in the worksheet. Utilize the arrow keys with Shift key. The Ctrl key may also be used along with the Shift and arrow keys.

Selecting Regions

Press Ctrl + G to key in a cell address and jump to that cell. Utilizie the Ctrl key along the PageUp, PageDown, Home and End keys.

Jumping to Specific Location

Press Ctrl + 1 to pull up the Cell Formatting box. Press Alt + E, then S to pull up the Paste Special options.

Opening Useful Dialogue Boxes

Editing Text

Excel Shortcuts Quiz
4 questions
Gmail Shortcuts
5 Lectures 13:06

This section will cover effective ways to navigate through Gmail. It will also cover actions that are helpful in managing emails and actions that can be performed to emails. It also includes a bonus lecture about changing some settings to increase productivity.

Intro To Gmail Shortcuts

Press J or the ArrowDown button to scroll down to the email list. Press K or the Uparrow key to scroll up. Press G, then I to get routed straight back to the Inbox folder wherever the student may be in his Gmail account.

Navigate Gmail

Press Shift + C to pop a new message window which will allow a student to compose an email. Press X to put a check mark on an email that a student would make an action to. While in an email, Pressing R or A will allow the student to compose a response to the email.

Email Actions

Press Shift + U to mark an email as unread. Press Shift + 3 to delete an email. Press E to archive an email.

Manage Emails

Enable Send and Archive unde rthe General Settings. Enable Undo Send under the Labs Settings.

Settings To Increase Productivity

Gmail Shortcuts Quiz
5 questions
1 Lecture 10:24

Make use of Alt + click. Ctrl + H for Finding and Replacing. Use "\n" to find and replace with a new line.

Alt + click, Find and Replace, Find and Replace string with a New Line

Notepad++ Quiz
3 questions
About the Instructor
Rico Rodriguez
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Entrepreneur | Python Expert |Word and Windows Trainer



As an entrepreneur I have started numerous businesses and both failed and exceeded. I can show you every tool I have used to make a small fortune in residual income. I outsource almost everything i do in the entreprenerural space from Ebay and Amazon Stores to local referral marketing.



I use Python and Javascript and C# in my daily life to both make a living and to gather data online. These are the tools of my trade and I am amazing at what I do.



On the side I go into small businesses and help them streamline their business to reduce cost and increase productivity. Sometimes training is the key for some companies other times you need to fire people to bring productivity back to where it needs to be. Let me show you the ropes.