Video Promo Essentials - Shoot, edit and share video online

Learn from a professional multimedia journalist how to create a quality promo video with your iPhone or video camera.

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  • Lectures 36
  • Video 3 Hours
  • Skill Level All Levels
  • Languages English
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Course Description

Learn how to shoot, edit and post iPhone video, or any digital video, on your blog, website or social media!

You will create a short video, approximately between 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length, to promote yourself online, also called an elevator pitch or an introduction video. You can also think of this video as your video resume. You will be able to create more than one versions of your video if you want, including a version with background video, b-roll, and photos and voice over.

The final video will be your calling card to the world, taught by Jannet Walsh, a professional multimedia journalist.

Although Jannet has worked most of her career in photojournalism, she is also a Certified Career and Life Coach. She has also worked in public relations, media relations, social media, multimedia mentor to aspiring journalists, has written on career topics and more.

The new iOgrapher for making an iPad Mini a movie rig will be featured, along with a do-it-your-self iPhone tripod mount, and a hardware store lighting kit, all for making a great promo video!

Get ready to learn how to produce a quality video and create a blog! Start promoting yourself globally today!

This course was created and produced by Jannet Walsh.

What are the requirements?

  • Digital Video Camera - You can even use the built in video camera in your computer, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, DSLR with video or a simple point and shoot camera with video.
  • Computer to edit video - Apple computers will be used in this course, but you can any computer you have with your own video editing software.
  • A tripod
  • Tripod mount for iPhone and iPad, with options from household items.
  • iMovie will be used for the video editing lectures in course, but you can edit with other applications you are familiar with.t
  • Microphone, not required, but will take the quality of video up a notch and make you stand out!
  • iPhone microphone adaptor if using iPhone or other IOS devices to record audio.
  • Photo lighting equipment, along with natural lighting and household light fixtures adapted for video will be used.
  • Keynote, or Teleprompt+ app for iPad, (Optional) for rehearsing and recording script and video.
  • Keynote, Apple software (Optional) to make a cool motion introduction to video.
  • Most importantly, you must desire to learn and be willing to make an outstanding video that will be your calling card to the world!

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 36 lectures and 3 hours of content!
  • By the end of the course you will create an outstanding video to promote yourself globally online.
  • In this course you will learn to write a script, shoot and edit video, and share video on the Internet with quality video, audio and lighting.

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone wanting to create a video to promote themselves online.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Introduction to Video Promo Essentials

In this lecture you find out about the course Video Promo Essentials by Jannet Walsh. Learn to create a script, shoot video, edit video and share your video with the world. This type of promotional video is often called a pitch video, elevator video or resume video.

Lecture outline:

00:00 Introduction
00:23  Course description Video Promo Essentials
00:31  Who course is for?  Anyone looking for job, wants a career change, has a website, blog or just wants to get noticed.
00:41  Video is often called a pitch video, elevator video or resume video
00:47  Credentials of Jannet Walsh
01:02  Innovation
01:11 Take Video Promo Essentials course at
01:36  Ending

In this lecture you will learn how to navigate in the Udemy Course Dashbaord where lectures are hosted. Viewing quality, notes, course materials, social media and managing course will be discussed.

Lecture outline:

 00:00  Introduction
00:39  Udemy Dashboard
00:43  Lectures on left
00:48  Rate course
01:02  Announcements
01:10  Student questions about course
01:27 Technical Support
01:24  Read student questions
02:10  Video Quality:  360p, 720p
02:28  View video full screen
02:38  Closing side panel
02:55  Materials, Questions, Notes
03:00  Download lecture files, videos
03:14  Check completed lecture
03:17  Share:  Facebook, Twitter
03:25  Auto Play lectures
03:30  Next lecture button
03:47  Review of Questions area
04:24  Ending

In this lecture instructor Jannet Walsh will tell you about herself and how the course idea originated. She will discuss her 2012 pitch on her career she delivered on the HLN Clark Howard Show as CNN iReporter.

View Video of Jannet Walsh's pitch

Lecture outline:

00:00  Introduction
00:23  Who is Jannet Walsh?
01:08  Career of Jannet Walsh
01:30  Opportunity in public relations
01:59  Move from Florida to Minnesota
02:23  CNN iReport,
02:49  HLN Clark Howard Show, 30 second pitch
03:24  Prepare career pitch
03:45  How you can make pitch video
04:04  Please ask questions
04:21 Share your video in questions area
04:36  Share finished video
05:10  Ending

In this lecture you will learn course goals and objectives. An overview of chapters will be discussed.

Lecture outline:

00:00  Introduction
00:22  Who is course for?
00:28  Looking for job or new career
00:32  Business start up
00:41  Online profile - Website, blog or social media
00:51  Update video and media skills
00:56  Goal of Course
01:00 Create video, promote globally online
01:09  Objective
01:18  Learn: Write script, shoot and edit video, share online
01:26  What will you learn?
01:32  Create promo video:  Pitch, elevator or resume video
01:42  Write script for video and real life
01:45  Job interview question:  Tell me about yourself
02:14  Edit video with iMovie and share online
02:31  Market your skills and talents
02:37  Overview of Chapters
03:58  Ending
Section 2: Requirements: Hardware, software and you

In this lecture you will learn what hardware and software you will need to make your promo video.

Lecture outline:

00:00  Introduction
00:25  Video Camera
00:42  Tripod
00:47  Tripod mount for devices: iPhone, iPad
00:57  Microphone
01:05  iPhone mic adaptor
01:22  iMovie - Apple video editing software
01:47  Photo lighting equipment
01:58  Keynote for script and video intro
02:26  Will need you!
02:45  Ending
Section 3: Create Script - Getting started to practicing

In this lecture you will see Jannet Walsh's original pitch script about her career that aired on the HLN Clark Howard Show as a CNN iReporter. Pitch from Jannet Walsh

View Video of Jannet Walsh's pitch

Lecture outline:

  00:00  Introduction 
  00:34  Create Script Overview 
  01:04  Script length 
  01:45  What do you want to say? 
  02:45  Gathering information for script 
  03:48  Breaking script down 
  04:35  Jannet Walsh's pitch script 
  05:24  Reading of Jannet Walsh's pitch script 
  11:28  Ending 

Section 4: Location - Where are you going to shoot your video?

In this lecture you will learn about locations to shot your promo video, inside and outside.


In this lecture you will learn about locations inside your home, or another building, including a white or plain wall, photo backdrops and more.


In this lecture you will learn how to scout out a location to shoot your promo video or background video, also called B-Roll. Shooting video outside bring more variables into shooting such as natural sound, lighting and weather conditions.

Section 5: Wardrobe, grooming and makeup

In this lecture there will be a brief discussion about wardrobe, grooming and makeup to give a great first impression in your promo video. Making test videos with the clothing you want to wear at different locations is suggested, along with audio and lighting testing.

Section 6: Video Gear

In this lecture you will learn what video gear you will need for shooting your video. Don't worry, as you can shoot the video with your iPhone, iPad or the web camera in your computer.


In this lecture you will learn about tripods, monopods and tripod mounts for iPhones or smart phones. A tripod is necessary to make sure you record steady video.


In this lecture Jannet Walsh will show you how to make a Do-It-Yourself iPhone Mount.

Supplies for Do-It-Yourself iPhone Mount

Spring Clamp
1 or 2 inches size, available at hardware stores, quantity 2

Large Blinder Clips
1 inch size, quantity 2
Cover with rough sided Velcro

Industrial strength Velcro
Quantity 1 package or enough to cover spring clip and iphone case back
Cover with rough sided Velcro

iPhone case
Cover back of case with smooth sided Velcro

Use mount of tripod to clamp Spring Clamp, level iPhone case horizontally.
Note: Do not shoot video vertically.


In this lecture you will learn about two iPad Mini mounts and how to use them to make your iPad a movie rig. You will be able to attach microphone, lighting and more mounting case, that is attached to a tripod or monopod.




In this lecture you will learn about different microphones to make great audio for your video when using a computer, video camera, iPhone, iPad or smart phones. iPhone adaptors, cable used to connect iPhone,iPad or other smart phones to microphones, will be discussed.

See download below: Microphones Video Promo Essentials

Section 7: Lighting Gear

In this lecture you will learn about lighting for video, including the three point lighting setup, and creating your own light kit with regular household lights and items from hardware store.

Section 8: Lights, Camera, Action!

In this lecture you will learn how to position yourself in front of video camera, correct for reflections on eye glasses and other details to make the best video you can to promote yourself.


In this lecture you will review course lectures that have been covered to this point in course. Suggestions such as memorizing script, using Keynote or PowerPoint to practice script, along with optional iPad application called Teleprompt+ are recommended before you start shooting.

Section 9: Examples of iMovie videos and Keynote intro

In this lecture you will watch a complete promo video with no background effects added in iMovie.


In this lecture you will watch a complete promo video with a romantic background effect added in iMovie.


In this lecture you will watch a complete promo video with a vignette background effect added in iMovie.


In this lecture you will watch a video intro created with Keynote application from Apple with no background music. The clip can be added the start of promo video in iMovie.


In this lecture you will watch a video intro created with Keynote application from Apple with music. The clip can be added the start of promo video in iMovie. The music can be added in iMovie.


In this lecture you will watch a complete promo video with a vignette background effect added in iMovie. A video intro created with Keynote application from Apple with music has been added to start of video.

Section 10: iMovie - Editing your Promotional Video

In this lecture you will be introduced to iMovie and learn how to upload your video to iPhone and iMovie.

Learn more about importing videos into iMovie

Learn more about organizing video in iMovie


In this lecture you edit your video in iMovie and learn your way around iMovie.

Learn more about editing video clips in iMovie

Learn how to stabilize shaky video


In this lecture you will learn how to add titles to iMovie at start of video and lower third of video screen.

Learn more about adding theme titles and transitions

Learn more about adding animated travel maps


In this lecture you will learn how to add scrolling credit titles to iMovie and learn how to create copyright symbol, ©, the letter C inside a circle.

On a Apple Computer - create ©
Enter Option and letter G

On a Personal Computer, PC - create ©
Hold down Alt key, then numbers 0169


In this lecture you will learn where to find royalty free music and how to insert audio into your iMovie project.

Learn more at Apple about iMovie and music


In this lecture you will learn how to save your project so it can be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo or other locations you would like to share video on the Internet. A quick and easy method of saving video, along with a higher quality method of saving will be demonstrated.


In this video you will learn how to insert photos and videos into your iMovie project. This type of video is called background video, or B-Roll. You will also learn how to add effects, such as Ken Burns, images or video appear to be moving, and more.

Section 11: Keynote Motion Intro

In this lecture you will how to create a simple motion video introduction with Keynote Apple application. The finished intro can be added iMovie project. Music can be add to intro in iMovie.

Learn more about Keynote with tutorials from Apple

Section 12: Share Video

In this lecture you will learn were you can share your video online, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and more.


In this lecture you will learn about basics for Video Search Engine Optimization, SEO. This will include how to make descriptions, add website links, tags and more when uploading videos to sharing sites, like YouTube. The additional information will allow search engines like Google and Bing find your video, meaning more people can find and view your video.

Section 13: It's a wrap

In this lecture you will review what you learned in the course. It is encouraged to share your final video you created from Video Promo Essentials. A special lecture or webpage will be created to show case student videos from this course.

Section 14: Bonus Section - Simple WordPress blog

In this lecture you will be given basic information to sign up at to create your own blog or website

Instructor Biography

Jannet Walsh, Career Coach, Multimedia Journalist, Tech guru, Hat Designer

Certified Life and Career Coach

Jannet Walsh has written on career and tech topics, and is a Certified Life and Career Coach from The Jay Block Companies.

About the instructor: Jannet Walsh has worked most of her career in photojournalism as a former staff photographer for The New York Times Company at a regional newspaper in Florida. She is also a Certified Career and Life Coach, has worked in public, media relations and social media. Jannet has been a multimedia mentor to aspiring journalists at the University of Florida, a columnist on career topics and a contributor at the Clark Howard website. She has been interviewed and featured on public radio, CNN, HLN, a New York Times best selling book and more. Jannet also designs 1920s styled hats and lives in Murdock, Minnesota, population 278.

Master of Arts in photography, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

Bachelor of Science - mass communications with advertising emphasis. Minor in marketing and general business. Saint Cloud State University, Saint Cloud, Minn.

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    • Doug Lipman

    I seldom feel ripped off, but this course did it

    The best thing about this course is her free intro. It is well shot, scripted, performed, and edited. The worst part: nothing else in the course comes near to that level of quality.

    Disclaimer: I only looked at about 6-8 of the videos, hopping around somewhat randomly. After watching one useless video, I poked around trying to see if the rest were similar. Sadly, the ones I tried all were.

    Most of the videos are just slide presentations that she reads from. What's the point of video for material that I could read on a static page? I found one "lecture" that was actual video footage (about a holder for the iPad). It was poorly shot (e.g., her head in the exact center of the frame, leaving lots of empty space above and cutting off her body just below her shoulders), poorly scripted (in several minutes of description of the iographer, I learned perhaps one or two features, but not what makes them important, etc.), and poorly edited (Oy! Extra material left in, awkward cuts. A perfect example of what NOT to do). Perhaps the point is that skills aren't needed? Not even a good effort, if you ask me. A waste of time and money. Are there refunds for these?

    • Alex Fox


    Great course! Learned a lot!

    • Esther Coronel de Iberkleid

    A highly recommended Course

    I highly recommend this course to every person looking for information to understand the elements needed to communicate using videos. Jannet has a lot of experience and knows about equipment, how to use it and the techniques and programs (software) to edit and improve the results. Do not miss this Course. Thank you Jannet Walsh I enjoyed your course a lot!

    • Nadeena Dixon


    This course is Brilliant...i have been messing around with trying to learn..making short film and editing...Jannet has made a course that has really given me the skills that i was missing..
    She is a Passionate Teacher..who breaks down the process step by step..and explains the reasons that you can really get what she is trying to teach...Thanks Jannet You Rock...cant wait for more...

    • Priscilla P. Wood

    Genuine teacher

    Jannet is very genuine showing how to write a script, which makes a student - instructor connection stronger. Very easy to approach and straight to the point. On a side note, she has such a crisp diction, I could listen to her speak all day. Take this course.

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