Zachary Citron

Zenchamusic Author and Computer Music Mag Columnist

My name is Zachary Citron, or Zencha, and I man the ship at Zenchamusic which is a creative-process focused music production website.

I am the original writer for Computer Music Magazine’s column Creative Concepts, a space where creative aspects of music production get the limelight in an otherwise technical publication.

Not only have I finished hundreds of songs — I’ve also attended Pyramind Training in San Francisco’s South of Market Area which left an enormous impact on my production skills and perspective.

My official releases include: Shinshu In Bloom, an Okami Remix album successfully funded on Kickstarter; Ceremony of Leaves, an independent moody electronic album of various genres and styles; Tokyo Rails, a short EP inspired by a trip to Japan; a release on Beatport through Breakshop Studios for the Church Williams remix EP, titled Invisible Signs – Zencha Remix; and finally, through Epiphyte Records, a TestPress release and award for my track MicroFracture.

By day, I’m a game designer working at independent game studio called Hammer & Chisel, making hardcore games for tablets. I also drink way too much tea and eat way too much sushi (gimme dat’ Saba). Oh, and I make music sometimes :).

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