Yiannis Megaloeconomou

Senior Financial Instructor and Consultant

Yiannis graduated from Saint Xavier University, in Chicago-Illinois with a Bachelor of Arts (with honors) and an M.B.A. with a focus in Finance. His areas of expertise are Corporate Finance, Business Planning Consulting, Online Hospitality Training and Consulting for Hospitality Educational Institutions.

Recently he launched his new blog called 'Finance for Hospitality' where someone can find his articles, video tutorials, financial templates and other services.

Presently, he is a senior lecturer for Cardiff Metropolitan University and London Metropolitan University in Corporate Finance and Business Planning. He has also over 15 years of teaching experience in other higher educational institutions, such as the University of Leicester, University of Wales, University of Surrey, Bournemouth University and Heriot Watt University.

Yiannis has advised more than 100 startups in the Corporate Finance and Strategic Planning areas. Recently, he has established a new company, Eduxenia, specializing in Online Training for Hospitality Businesses. Finally, he provides consultation services for Higher Education Hospitality Institutions.

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