Yasmine Lupin

Lawyer / Trainer & Founder of 'LCATE'

I am an English qualified solicitor.  I am British and I am the founder of the London Centre for Advanced Training & Education (LCATE). I have been as a practising solicitor for over 10 years and have worked in education for over 7 years. 

Everyone who works for LCATE is a qualified lawyer and we all believe that 'learning from lawyers is fun!' 

LCATE has delivered educational services services to employees of PriceWaterhouse, Mondadori S.p.A., Hugo Boss and a number of international companies and law firms.

LCATE also delivers the online Diploma in Law course for students who want to have a better understanding of English & Contract law. 

My mission is to help those that need the help wherever you are in the world!  I enjoy sharing my knowledge and I believe that I can help you achieve success. 

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