Yariv Gai

Online Entrepreneur

Hello! My name is Yariv Gai. With over seven years in the jewelry industry, I know all there is to know about sourcing jewelry, jewelry fairs, jewelry development, and marketing jewelry products online. My passion is helping jewelry buyers just like you save time and money, like helping you find the perfect jewelry factory for your business. Through my company,namchai I help companies find beautiful, high quality jewelry, that always conforms to both European and American standards. I give you my background here not to promote my services to you, but to let you know that I am a trusted resource in the field and that you should invest the time in continuing to watch my courses. I am an international businessman and have spent several years living in different parts of the world including seven in Thailand, and I am currently based in my home country of Israel.  I also speak 3 different languages, which has allowed me to conduct business and form beneficial relationships with suppliers of quality jewelry all over the world.  As well as being a jewelry factory sourcing online, jewelry development, fairs, and online jewelry marketing expert, I have written a number of ebooks, also available in the major online bookstores. I have decided to create courses too because I wish to share my knowledge with you, and I truly enjoy helping others. I hope that you will gain useful knowledge by watching my courses, and get some new ideas for how to grow your jewelry business. I always look forward to hearing from you, so please do get in touch if you feel I may be of further assistance to you. You can contact me through UDEMY anytime. If you have the time, I would also appreciate you leaving a Honest  review for my courses on UDEMY, if you found it useful of course! Now, if you are sitting comfortably, let's get started...

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