Hey, I'm Ukrainian travelling the world.
I've been passionate about art since my childhood and now can't imagine my day without it. I've been painting all my life and now my life is all about art and travel. Wherever I go I have my watercolor with me. I capture people I've met, places I've visited and emotions I've felt. All those stories are told in watercolor and I'm happy to share them with people.

I believe you don't a school to start painting. Because creating is about expressing your personal feelings but not just working in techniques. You learn techniques because you Want to learn them. You keep practicing because you Want to get better. And this is just your passion, desire to improve and create that drives you.

I don't follow a traditional school technique but prefer to listen to my own voice and paint from my own perspective. This allowed me to come up with my own personal style which is different from a traditional school approach. And that is why it's interesting.

I'd love to share my experience and techniques with you, please feel free to ask me any questions and share your artworks with me.

And thank you for joining me for this beautiful art journey

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