Yael Eylat-Tanaka

Author, Audiobook Narrator, Public Speaker

Many years ago, I joined a public speaking group in order to get over my fear of singing in public. I felt terribly self-conscious, and figured that learning public speaking may help me sing in public. In fact, I was petrified of even standing in front of the group! It took me a full year before I mustered the courage to make my introductory speech! That didn't fare well either. I white knuckled my way through the next nine speeches, and by my 10th speech, I had discovered the secret to speaking in public with confidence and without fear. I can even sing in public! I want to help you, the student, identify your fears and help you banish those fears once and for all, getting you to a place of self-confidence and skill the likes of which you never thought was possible, with some very simple secrets that are available to everyone. Come learn some simple tips that will change your life!

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