Sui Huang:

Sui began her Yang Style Tai Chi Quan [also known as Taiji Quan 太極拳 in China] training in the 70's beginning with participating in public group exercises. Living and training in FoShan, China (her hometown), she reached a high level of competence. In 1990, Sui moved to Miami, FL and became an American citizen. She studied and furthered her training in Tai Chi and Qi Gong with Master Wei Lun Huang. She later moved to Venice, FL.

Holland America Cruise Lines employs her as a "Guest Tai Chi Instructor" on their annual Grand Cruises. She has completed 2 cruises with them. In 2014 there was a 68 day trip around South America and down to the Antarctic and in 2015, a 90 day round trip from Rotterdam, down to the Far East and back again. In 2016, she is scheduled for a 60 day trip to the Mediterranean... and on...

Sui is an energetic, ebullient and gregarious person who is very creative and artistic. She enjoys performing at events and gatherings to encourage people to see the beauty of the forms and make them aware of the benefits that Tai Chi can bring to their lives.

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