William Johnson-Certified Emergency Hypnosis Trainer & Master Hypnotist

William Johnson became fascinated with the study of the mind in the early 1990s.  Through the study of many ancient schools of thought, he realized that at the center of man was mind, and if one could gain an in-depth understanding of the mind, all people, and ultimately, all things could be understood.  For the next 20 years William studied and trained in NLP; Sales Psychology; Marketing Psychology; Body Language; Micro-expressions; meditation; breathe science; holistic health; performance enhancement, and last but not least...HYPNOSIS!  William found that hypnosis was one of the missing keys needed to unlock the door to human understanding, development, mastery, and potential.  In hypnosis, he has found his life's work and looks forward to contributing vastly to the field of hypnosis.  Currently he is a Master Hypnotist and Emergency Hypnosis Trainer certified by The National Guild of Hypnotists.  His overwhelming passion to teach this content at the highest level possible will stretch your mind and alter your perception of the subconscious and hypnosis forever.

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