Will Crane

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Doctor of Physical Therapy since 2011. I have been working hard for 2 years to create content that is helpful for students to pass the national board exam required to become a physical therapist. I have helped hundreds of students with live courses that I have done in the past and want to make a self-study course available to students who need the content at a lower cost.

PT Final Exam was founded in 2012 with the primary goal of being an awesome resource for students preparing to sit for the NPTE. I am a practicing physical therapist currently licensed in 3 states. Having a love for education, I began PT Final Exam in my spare time to help students understand completely what is required for the NPTE.

In my practice, I deal with a variety of issues including geriatric, pediatric, orthopaedic, inpatient, outpatient, wound care, home health, and long term care patients. Working with such a variety of patients requires me to stay sharp on my skills which is critical to my role as an instructor.

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