Will Bunker

Cofounder of bootstrapped company that became Match.com

Dave Kennedy and I started what became the largest dating site of the 90's, from a telephone closet at an insurance company.  I taught myself from the ground up how to build a site that became one of the top 100 visited sites by 1999.  Since then, I have helped found several more businesses and invested in over 160 tech companies.  

I love to learn new stuff and have a found a way to reach my dreams by learning the latest technologies.  You can too.  I've helped dozens of others learn how to build their own companies by learning to code and deploy technologies to solve real problems.

I am going to put together a series of courses that will cover everything from prototyping, then building an MVP, and finally scaling into the cloud when your company takes off.

Every piece that you master becomes one more tool in your toolkit to make that idea a reality.  Even better, every skill gives you a new way to earn money in the workplace.

Getting certification was my path in to a life long career in tech startups.  I had a job running a gold mine in Nicaragua.  This position involved my physically carrying huge amounts of gold from Managua to Miami every two weeks.  I wanted to find another way to make a living ( I had panic attacks from the stress.)  I would pick up a Novell Network Certification book in Miami, study every day in the jungle back in Nicaragua.  Then I would take the certification test next trip stateside.  After receiving my certification as a Novell Network engineer, I quit and moved back to Dallas to begin my tech career.

Let me know how you are progressing in the discussion boards, and I will be glad to help you progress from newbie to pro.

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