Vladimir Zhbanko

Senior Engineering Specialist and Entrepreneur

Hello, I am really excited that you read my little story here!

I am a Chemical Engineer by education, Problem Solver by nature and now trying to be an Entrepreneur. I currently work in Swiss Multinational Company as Senior Engineering Specialist in R&D where I strive to be in line with modern technology, Industry 4.0 not only by learning it but also applying it to gain value. Being Certified Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma I always try to reduce inefficiencies by finding complex patterns or applying new methods to close gaps.

Over years I was living in 3 countries and for that I can fluently speak 4 languages [EN, IT, ES, RU] and partially other 2 [DE, FR]. Apart of that I am a happy user of other 4 computer programming languages [R, C++(MQL4), VBA] and also a bit of [SQL].

I would like to bring to you some ideas on how one can be more productive. How to collect data in a smarter way using simple tools? How to make it easier to take a decision? And … why not to automate the decision using Artificial Intelligence? I will try to cover very practical side of technology, show you how you can benefit from it with concrete examples.

By the way, life is not only technology - I like cooking as well!!!

p.s. I will try my best to provide to you the best possible learning experience. If it would not be the case I would be very happy to receive any constructive feedback on how can I be better.

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