Vegard Gjerde

Ph.D Researcher, Physics Didactics; M.Sc, Nuclear Physics

I started my academic life at university with petroleum technology. This quickly turned into a combined physics and petroleum technology bachelors degree, as I developed a passion for physics. Then, I got my master's degree in nuclear physics. I've continued taking courses at university after this - mainly in economics - although I never go to lectures. I suspect I will continue taking courses for many years to come. 

I worked for a year as a substitute teacher, while studying at university and pursuing my own projects.I also taught in several different physics courses at University as a scientific assistant.

Currently I am pursuing a Ph.D. in physics didactics (how to learn/teach).

I've been passionate about learning new things for the past 8 or 9 years. There are always some books nearby and most of my time spent on Internet is spent gathering knowledge. When I start anything, I always want to master it. This has fueled my interest in how we learn and, especially, how we learn fast.

One of my biggest strengths lies in finding the underlying principles and seeing connections between things. My curiosity is always driving me deeper and deeper into the subjects I find fascinating.

My Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is ENFJ


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