Veerachai Junhunkit


I'm handling logistic and supply chain for more than 20 years.

Since it is chain operation, I know if I want to work well on my job I needed data from all parties concerned, no matter from Sales, Purchase, Planning, Store, Production, Warehouse or even my own Logistic, including Accounting and HR.

In the past, I had no real time data on hands, I'm blind. What I did, is just dump everything in as much to prevent shortage of material which will cause more worse on time and wages than space and interest paid for inventory. However, that's not a real solution, caused I finally, ran out of space. Dead and slow, scattered around my store by such a dumping.

Then, I happened to realize that what I seriously needed is a Data and it is the only best solution to out of the mess. That's where my first course in IT began.

I took PPD (Professional Programming Developer) course for 2 years, and hang on with Ms Access for over 20 years after that, because I learnt that Access is best fit for me. I'm not a programmer by the original. I just want some easy tool that can build up program for me and my chain on the fast track with highest mobility since trial and error is inevitable.

Access do the best job for me, whenever I need someone to give me info on real time, I give them my program interface. Once they key in, I got it! and all problem solved before it goes on big. And that's where my Mini ERP started.

Since I got a lot of benefit from Access to my own Job, I'm willing to share it out to the one who are in the same situation or one who have in mind on how to improve their career part or their own organization, but no tool to express it out for real. I, then, open my private Access Training Class to give people all what I know from 22 years experience accumulated. And it's already 5 years passed with more than 200 peoples being direct train up, and over 200,000 on YouTube, but I still willing to give more message to the rest that still keep on finding some tools to answer their requirement on data concerned jobs. So I create this course to share more.

Areas of Expertise

-Microsoft Access
-Logistic and Supply Chain
-ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
-Shipping and forwarding
-Account and Finance
-Banking and Forex
-Life programming

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