Vanessa Anderson

Course Development | Course Instructor | Writer

Vanessa works with her partner, Ian Usher, to develop and teach professional courses at Udemy.

She has a strong business background, having owned and managed her own business in the UK for almost 15 years. Before this she spent many years developing and teaching software courses working as the Training & Development Manager for Wordplex UK.

Now Vanessa's life is very different! She left England in 2013 to live a more fulfilling lifestyle aligned with her own dreams and aspirations.

Vanessa and Ian live as "global nomads", working remotely as they travel the world, experiencing different cultures and different environments. They were featured last year on their small island in Panama, on "Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild" - an hour long documentary showing how they lived remotely in the Caribbean.

Currently she is based in Shenzhen, China where she works part-time teaching English to local businesses and VIP students. She is also with Ian to develop a series of "Lifestyle Transformation" courses that will feature on Udemy throughout this year.

Vanessa blogs about her lifestyle for "Sapore di Cine" and other online magazines. She regularly contributes to her own website where you will find inspiring stories of her travels during the last two years.

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