Tushar Bhatnagar

Senior Executive, Marketer, Millenial

As VP Marketing at Silicon Valley based Recruiting Technology company, Crowdstaffing, Tushar is currently helping build a curated, two- sided marketplace designed to acquire high potential talent for Fortune 500 companies like Google, SpaceX, Uber, Illumina, MasterCard, Dell & Experian.

He works deep in the trenches, or out in the lead, across functions, driving business growth at a fast pace. He is drawn not only to the challenge, but to the honesty of the challenge. He disrupts when things stagnate and optimize when they grow.

He is passionate about spreading novel ideas through Marketing having sold information and technology products worth more than $80 Million just in the last 5 years in more than 40 countries.

He was previously Chief Marketer and Senior Partner at Mindvalley and contribute strategically to Branding, Paid Advertising, Social Media, SEO, Content Marketing, Conversion, Email Marketing & Product Launch teams at Mindvalley.

Over the past few years he has played key roles in Business Intelligence, Paid Advertising, Traffic Generation, Acquisition and Conversion, while taking many Online businesses to Market.

Having created, built and grown high performance teams in the past he enjoys working with really skilled people to get the best out of them. He continuously strives for replicating and improving past successes while testing radically new approaches.

He currently serves on the Asia Pacific Board of Advisors for the CMO Council.

He holds a bachelors degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, with Mathematics and Physics being his subjects of interest which naturally incline him to approach marketing in a very scientific yet intuitive manner.

He has also played Executive roles in Talent Management, Market Expansion for AIESEC India, a not-for-profit organization with thousands of members worldwide. 

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