I am a marketing expert with over 15 years of business marketing, content, management and business development experience. I have helped small to large businesses expand services and brand recognition. My schooling: University degree in English, diplomas in public relations and journalism and certificates in career coaching and Internet marketing (yes, I love learning!). I have written articles circulated throughout government employment offices in Ontario, and have presented as a guest speaker across a variety of agencies, businesses and post secondary institutions. I now own my own marketing business: LikeUs Communications.

I know what it's like to struggle to get business. I believed in the power of SEO so much I started a business in it. I have helped customers get to the number one page of Google. I may not know every SEO trick in the book, but I do know the basics that make a difference, and I do know what I've seen work from first hand experience helping businesses just like yours.

I've seen SEO courses delivered at such an advanced level that no one could follow and decided that something needed to be done to bring the knowledge down to a level business owners could easily follow and understand.

I took an Internet marketing course a few years ago and realized very quickly that this information was the ticket to helping any business succeed. I was incredibly impressed by the amount of success my instructors were able to achieve using simple SEO principles. I was convinced, through their achievements, that these principles work! This SEO foundations course was then built using some principles learned from my instructors, Toronto SEO experts Oliver Gu and Mary Wang, in addition to the practical knowledge I have gained using these techniques on my clients. The strategies listed in this course were taken from a course I wrote and taught to first time entrepreneurs, prior to their business launch - so it was created intentionally to help new time starved entrepreneurs with no prior SEO knowledge, succeed as newbies in a fiercely competitive marketplace.

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