Tricia Belmonte

Marketing Specialist

I am a marketing expert with over 17 years of business marketing, content, management and business development experience. I have helped small to large businesses expand services and brand recognition. My schooling: University degree in English, diplomas in public relations and journalism and certificates in career coaching and Internet marketing (yes, I love learning!). I have presented as a guest speaker across a variety of agencies, businesses, networking groups and post secondary institutions. 

My courses are specifically developed for new or small businesses, who want to grow into large ones:)

I've seen courses delivered at such an advanced level that no one could follow and decided that something needed to be done to bring the knowledge down to a level busy business owners could easily follow and understand. My courses are all step by step and use a lot of examples and demonstrations. 

I took an Internet marketing course a few years ago and realized very quickly that online marketing was the ticket to helping any business succeed. My courses thus all focus on Internet marketing and have the goal of helping new entrepreneurs succeed as newbies in a fiercely competitive marketplace.

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