Trace Kingham

Professional Event Planner

Trace Kingham is a professional event planner with 20 years experience producing events for non-profit and corporate clients. Trace specializes in fundraising events and has produced events for American Red Cross, American Heart Association, Big Brothers Big Sisters, American Cancer Society, Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo to name just a few. Trace is the author of STANDOUT: Place Your Business In The Spotlight with Results Driven Events. The book examines the 7 steps to successfully plan events for the non-profit and corporate sectors.  Trace and his company, Kingham Signature Events have won three international awards, most recently an Esprit Award for his work on the American Red Cross' Humanitarian of the Year Award. Trace's designs have been featured in BRIDES Magazine with a readership of over 15 Million and he is a contributor on Studio 10 Live, in Tampa Florida offering event planning tips and ideas.

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