Toomas Õunap

Relaxation coach

For years I have been massaging people, instructing different yoga groups and worked as a physiotherapist.

Past 14 years I have carried out many different courses and training sessions. Most known of these are: "How to Release Tension from Different Areas of the Body Yourself", "The Art of Relaxation", "Self-Massage Courses", "Do-In Self-Massage Courses", "A Short Introduction to Acupuncture", "The Basics of Improving Your Memory" and "Be the Master of Your Stress Relief."

I participated in the "Stress and Work Healthcare" programmes of several banks and insurance companies as an expert and internal adviser.

I have taught thousands of people during various training sessions and seminars on how to relax different areas of the body themselves. I would like to introduce you to some of those techniques and exercises.

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