Toni Farley

Computer Scientist and Bioinformatician

Dr. Farley has 10 years of experience in information science, including 3 years in information and systems security research, 4 years teaching university courses in data management, and 3 years performing data integration and knowledge management in the biomedical domain. Her prior related experience includes 8 years of business management and accounting, with 2 in the health insurance industry.

Her accomplishments include 22 publications, numerous presentations, an AT&T Labs--Research Graduate Fellowship, a university grant award for learner-centered course redesign, and successfully directing a study abroad internship and learning program in South Africa on technology in a transitional society.

She is currently a Bioinformatician II in the Center for BioIntelligence at the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen). Additionally, she maintains Faculty Associate positions in computer science and informatics at Arizona State University (ASU), and is on the executive committee of her local International Test and Evaluation Association chapter (AZITEA).

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