Thomas Myron

Novel Writer, Graphic Designer

I’ve always been interested in design. It started as a desire to draw pictures, figure out how artists made things look so life-like, and do the same myself. It morphed into Photoshop and digital design. It expanded to the internet, web-design, and the learning of some html.

Additionally, I’ve always wanted to write novels. The desire has just always been there. I remember sitting down at the keyboard when I was five or so and starting to write. Not that such endeavors ever lasted. I would get bored or lose interest. Something was missing.

And then, about seven years ago, these two desires collided. I took a new approach to writing. I studied all I could about it, through books on writing, novels that had been successful, and my own trial-and-error. I joined a writing community and put their constructive criticism to use. I made my own writing contest, designed to help myself and others hone our writing skills. I wrote some small works of my own, slowly increasing my skill with the pen (er, I mean keyboard).

True to my interest in design, I built a process, a checklist if you will, designed to create a novel the way I thought it should be. I put everything together from everything I’d learned or read, and came up with a process that worked. I tried it out on my own writings. I revised it many times. I perfected and simplified it until it was a process anyone could follow, a process that would not just allow them to create a novel, but create a novel that would succeed, and stand out from the average authors. I don’t want to be an average author, and I doubt anyone else does, either. I want to be a successful author. I want to reach as many people as I can. And for that, my novels needed that something extra that I had always been missing.

Learn my process, see why I call it Matrix Writing, and you’ll find out what your novels have been missing too. Don’t be an ordinary author. Be extraordinary! 

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