Tomáš Hromník

Passionate web developer, startup devotee

I created my first website in 2005. I started programming in 2008 when I was unemployed after high school. Then I decided to go to college. After 3 years at college I decided to quit. School was too theoretical and I didn't learn there what I wanted to learn - to create websites and web applications. I started freelancing in 2012. I created websites and later web applications in PHP. One day I met NodeJS - JavaScript on the server. I felt love with JavaScript and NodeJS and started working exclusively with it. I tried many NodeJS frameworks but one was exceptional - MeteorJS. Building real-time applications in minutes is mind-blowing. Building real-time mobile applications is even more mind-blowing. I have created a few Meteor applications and I have learned a lot. Now I want to teach you how you can create real-time web applications in a fraction of the time.

Programming is my passion and I want to share this passion with you. I believe that learning by doing is the best way to learn. I try to do my courses as practical as possible.

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