Hi there. My name is Tom Worth, and I created this video course to help my fellow songwriters and singer/songwriters reach their dreams.   That may sound corny…but it’s true.

I moved to Nashville, TN 14 years ago with the dream of being a professional songwriter. I read every book on songwriting I could get my hands on, attended countless music conferences, went to every songwriting camp I could…etc.

I learned a ton, but surprisingly, I learned the most after I started having some success. This was because I eventually got to work with legit music publishers, hit songwriters, and Grammy winning producers.

As the expression goes –“if I had only known then what I know now.” I would have had success so much sooner and avoided SO many mistakes that not only held my career back, but cost me money in songs I should never have recorded, cost me meetings that I blew, etc.

And that’s really where the idea for The Basics Of Pro Songwriting came from. I wanted to help people avoid making the same mistakes I had made.

Then a record company out west hired me to coach all of their artists and teach them how to write better songs. I LOVED it.

A couple years later, an agency in South Carolina hired me to be head of their songwriting department and develop a curriculum. I was teaching all ages, all genres, and again… I loved it.

That’s when I decided to cut back on songwriting and focus on teaching. I still write with and produce artists, but I’m more selective about it.

Getting back to my dream of becoming a professional songwriter…I have since had over 55 cuts, 2 Publishing Deals, have played on the Grand Ol’ Opry Stage, and have had songs on the radio and on the charts. I now own my own publishing company and studio where I have recorded and produced songs that are currently on the radio (at the time I’m typing this).

I’m so grateful for the success I’ve had and share it with you not to boast…but to show you that the songwriting techniques I use (and now teach) work. Let me help you not only follow but reach your dreams.

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