(Competency in Geotechnical Analysis)


The main aim of this project which is funded by the European Union's Lifelong Learning Programe and by the project partners is to improve competency in geotechnical numerical analysis.

This will be achieved through two main deliverables:

The COGAN Competency Tracker which is an online database of around 500 competency statements describing what you need to know to perform geotechnical numerical analysis. This software will provide links to learning resources to help you gain competences and will also allow you to record achievement of competences.

Two E-Learning Modules on the Udemy platform for work-based learning, to achieve in depth the learning outcomes in the two key areas of setting up a geotechnical numerical model and using structural elements.

The course tutor is the coordinator of the COGAN Project, Dr Andrew Lees. He is Director of the geotechnical analysis consultancy Geofem Ltd and Assistant Professor of geotechnical engineering at Frederick Univeristy in Cyprus. He has extensive experience of both the application and teaching of geotechnical numerical analysis.

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