Tod Pellaton

Option Trader

Tod is a mechanical engineer and has worked in the corporate world, owned a manufacturing business and has also founded other businesses. He has been an active retail option trader for over 15 years. He says, "I always believed there should be an easier path to learning how to trade options." After many years of learning how to trade in traditional ways, he has developed an online course to help option traders quickly learn what is necessary to price and trade options. "We need to use tools that are available to us for learning, pricing and trading options so we can advance to the next level of understanding and not have to get bogged down in all the complex pricing details", he says. Tod believes his engineering background has helped him to simplify many of the trading concepts he teaches and hopes to help many more traders become more confident and profitable on their trading education journey.

Tod founded Real-World Options in 2012 to help promote his vision of simplifying learning of how to price and trade options for retail traders.

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